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Every free and paid offer I currently have available - all organized in one place!

Implement with Intention

If you've purchased any of the Aligned Action Series books (formerly titled Facet) you are part of a community of business-builders who regularly take aligned action.


Every month I host free implementation gatherings so you can connect with others sharing the experience of working through the books. Get your questions personally answered by me and stay motivated on your journey.


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Social Proof Prompt Playbook

Eight ChatGPT prompts you can use to get insights on your ideal clients, collect great testimonials and use your reviews to market your business.


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Beyond Brand Voice

Elevate your mindset and messaging! This insightful guide reveals the importance of brand voice for solo entrepreneurs, empowering them to craft compelling copy and micro-copy, excel at content creation, and communicate effectively.

BOOK - $30 CAD


Action Call

If you’re a new client who wants to infuse intention into your entrepreneurial journey and accomplish a lot in a short time, then the 60-minute Action Call is designed for you.


In this immersive hour, we will focus on deep reflection and immediate action within your business. Look forward to a blend of introspection, guidance, demonstration, and implementation.

1:1 CALL - $220 CAD

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Conscious Partnership


Continued support through bi-monthly Action Calls. Typically spaced every two weeks, these regular sessions provide dedicated space to reflect and work while fostering meaningful progress over time.


In our work together, you’ll make steady progress towards your goals rather than sporadic efforts and get personalized attention through consistent access to my energy. Within this space, we’ll address your challenges, have in-depth discussions, adjust as you evolve and hold you accountable for your growth and learning.

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