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$300 CAD, payment plan available

The usual rush you get from new knowledge meets the nostalgia of a magazine subscription. 

Voila—here's how we check in with ourselves, build habits, and get things done, seventeen-magazine style. Sure, you could work through each Facet on your own, but it gets even better when you play with the power of community. Join our one call a month to stay accountable to yourself, me and the group. Ask your questions, get advice, and give yourself the mindset upgrade you've been craving while we work through it all together.

I know exactly how hard it is to do what's best for you. That's why each issue of Facet has three small challenges that come with surprise gifts when you complete them! Only subscribers can earn up to three bonus gifts per issue - like crystals, stickers, cute paperclips, stickies, pens, and more...

(equivalent to approx. $217 USD)



Facet felt like a little blast of sunshine as I pulled it out of the mailing envelope.

Business topics can be notoriously overwhelming and sometimes convoluted, but the way Facet was mapped out and written made the entire process feel filled with ease.


Immensely helpful, crystal clear and even there to handle those worries or "what ifs" that always pop up. Reading and implementing Facet felt like the next best thing to having Chantelle in the room with me, guiding me through!




I felt very fancy opening this issue because it was so beautiful, and the personal note definitely made a great first impression.

I’m very tired of online courses, partially because I work at my computer all day long. But with Facet, I could actually see all the information and write notes in the margins, which I couldn't have really done on my phone.


As a fairly new entrepreneur, I felt very seen as I read. I really appreciated how it didn't feel like there were any assumptions that I would know what I was doing. Having Facet on my bookshelf is going to be so valuable!




✨ a NEW print issue delivered to your door 4x/year with free shipping, of course!

✨ 3 highly actionable 60min group zoom calls per issue (total of 12):


- 4x Planning + Intentional Implementation calls

- 4x Actual Advice calls

- 4x Inner Voice Calming calls


(audio replays included in an easy-to-consume private podcast)

✨ Earn up to three bonus gifts per issue!


Complete challenges inside each issue of Facet. For each one you finish, you’ll get one bonus gift shipped with your next issue!

✨ Access to Close Friends Stories

I’ll be sharing occasional** extra info and inspiration here when I see a great example of the current Facet topic out in the wild.

**I refuse to promise you that I’m about to become a prolific story-er because, I’m sure I would be lying. 😂

✨ Ability to request future Facet topics (and thus become an ‘Inspired By’ section superstar!


Although the next four issues are planned out 🤫 there will be more, and they will need a facet to focus on. Subscribers only get the chance to pitch their topic ideas and have a whole course/magazine dedicated to - and written - for them.

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