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Using Pinterest To Create Your Inspiration Moodboard

The beginning of every brand identity for Clear Quartz clients is a Pinterest board. I ask my branding and web design clients to pin their inspiration for their project based on their brand values and the feelings they want to evoke with their visual branding. Many of my clients are, ahem, less than tech-savvy, and many of them are also less than visual-savvy - which makes sense, that's why they've hired a brand designer! Knowing this can be an overwhelming task for most, I've put together a few resources I share with each CQC client, and I'd like to share them with you as well!

1. My Pinning Process: How and What I Pin to Create an Intentional Moodboard

In this video, I walk through my pinning process for a fictional brand I've created called WordsWorth Copywriting Collective. Watch me search for inspiration and utilize Pinterest's search algorithm to my advantage to find all sorts of visuals that will help me pull the brand together. This is the exact process I used to create the brand for my first business, Compose Yoga, and to create the brand identity for Clear Quartz Creative. For the insider look at how my brain works when I'm building brands, click here!

2. How to Search to Maximize the Pinterest Algorithm and Find the Inspiration You Need

Clients repeatedly asked me the question: "Okay, but what do I type into search to find what I'm looking for?" To make this as easy as possible, I've created a search chart! Start with a brand new Pinterest board, then combine terms in column A - or insert your own brand values and feel! - with terms in column B to build your brand board. Download the guide here!

3. Share the Pinterest Board With Your Designer

Still looking for a designer? Maybe we're a good fit! Book your free Dream Session and let's find out!


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