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Top Tools for Choosing Brand Colours

Want to choose brand colours that attract your ideal customers? These 3 tools are sure to help!

Playing around with brand colours is one of my favourite parts of the branding process. When I'm designing client brand projects, I start with visual inspiration by pinning colourful content onto a Pinterest board. In this post, I'll be using a demonstration brand I created: Nephele Reiki.

How I use Pinterest to Create a Moodboard

I've pinned a variety of shapes, images, patterns, textures, and items representing the feel of the brand story. Next step, turn this brand board into a colour scheme! Instead of going through a palette and choosing colours that I think are close, I like to pull colours directly out of my inspiration board. How do I do that? I'm a Mac user, and my favourite tool is the Colorpicker application. It's free and user-friendly, and the best part is that it sits on top of any other window I have open on my laptop so there's no need to minimize my screen.

After I've copy-pasted the colours I like most into a Notes, Pages, or Canva document, I start to coordinate a workable palette. I aim for a set of colours that has a combination of lighter and darker shades, which comes in really handy when we start to design a website and need background colours and text colours. Sometimes the most efficient way to do this is to choose a shade I already like and make it into a darker version - such as for text - or a lighter version for a background accent or pattern. For this, I use an online application, Hex Colour Tool.

It's as simple as that! Now that I have my five brand complementary brand colours, I add them to my brand style guide and familiarize myself with their hex codes (that's the colour code with the # that will allow you to use the same colours in every program and application, such as #fccab2.) Having brand colours selected makes designing everything easier - Pinterest pins, social media posts, and branded stories. Using a matching colour scheme also makes a brand instantly recognizable to clients and customers - they get used to seeing your content and can identify that it's yours instantly, helping you with brand recognition and staying top of mind!

Quick reference for my top 3 tools:

If you have questions about any of these tools, comment below or reach out by email! If you've decided you're past the free tools and just want your brand done already, check out the Amplify experience for a one-stop solution!


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