QME Management Solutions Wix Website

My client Chelse' T. owner/operator of QME Management Solutions helps companies with organization and document services in the construction industry. She works with her clients from selecting an organization system to a detailed step-by-step presentation of the final product. Chelse’ felt that her business deserved a professional website that highlights her unique services and the core values in the construction industry, in particular because her concept is so new. The Wix website we launched together has distinct features like custom illustrations, unique layouts that represent her brand, and a stylish contact form that will help her to communicate what she does and how she helps her clients solve their organization issues.

To connect with the specific types of clients Chelse’ wants to attract, custom illustrations like the folder, cone, binder, and barricade were created. Some were used behind buttons to make them stand out, others were used in her logo and alternates, and some were used as accents on different website pages - throughout the site, these custom illustrations symbolize her brand and provide a sense of cohesiveness.

On the Home page, to convey elements of building or construction we designed a unique layout section of the types of services Chelse’ offers. A muted orange was specifically chosen as part of a colour palette that connects with the construction industry, but also a professional look and upscale feel. Chelse’ wants potential clients to see that clearly and we made it evident in a section like this:

A great website footer is like a roadmap that helps your website visitors navigate your site seamlessly, connect with your business, and engage with your social media platforms. In Chelse’s website footer layout, we evoke a file folder-like system in terms of the shape and design to deepen the subconscious connection to Chelse’s niche.

About page design is important not only because it communicates the business story and what the business can do for its clients, but also because it is typically the second-most clicked page on any site after Home. Good use of relevant copy is important so that the business narrative can be told in a captivating way. On Chelse’s About page, the use of construction terminology in the copy shows thoughtfulness and attention to detail, it also helps her potential clients understand and visualize what they will be getting because they are familiar with the terms, for example –




Chelse’ is passionate about organization management and understands her clients' pain points in the industry especially well. She created a business that addresses those pain points by offering 3 types of services that provide solutions that allow her clients to be productive and profitable. So, in the menu, Services has a dropdown menu that allows visitors the option of clicking Services to see all 3 with a brief overview or to go directly to a unique Services page if they know exactly what they are looking for.

The Bid Portfolio, Corporate Office Organization, and Home Organization pages explain exactly what’s included and how the process works, so that clients can understand how their business will be transformed as a result. Making the behind the scenes process more visible helps Chelse’s clients visualize what will happen if they book the service and thus helps increase the likelihood for her clients to book or purchase the offer. Some clients are more interested in results, and others are more interested in the process when making a buying decision. This section delivers the best of both worlds to increase a client’s confidence that Chelse’ business can deliver a result.