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Emerge Therapy Services Squarespace Website

My client Megan offers two different kinds of services: occupational therapy and somatic experiencing therapy. At Emerge Therapy Services, is a pediatric occupational therapist who helps develop, maintain, and restore function from a place of play using a combination of theories, assessments, treatments, and interventions to assist a child to understand their body and its needs. She specializes in areas of attachment and trauma also Megan is a somatic experiencing practitioner who helps clients get unstuck from unresolved trauma and empowers them to growth and newness. So glad to help Megan expand her brand right from the beginning of naming her business, through logo design, colours, photography, copywriting, and finally a functional and beautiful Squarespace website.

Since Megan offers two different services, her website makes it clear right from the first page by featuring photos of each type of service she is offering when they first arrive on her page. For the photos that show what sessions could look like to use across her Squarespace website, I connected her to a photographer and used the photos to market the two different services in a creative header layout design addressing how best to market her services and bringing brand cohesiveness pictured here.

A logo increases brand awareness on a website and also helps existing and new clients recognize wherever you are on the web. Megan did not have a logo and wanted a logo design that speaks about her values as a therapist and represents her brand - the koru is a hand-drawn custom logo design that is unique and symbolizes new life and the way that life both changes and stays the same. Wondering what we designers do with all these extra alternate logos? Check the website footer! Megan’s alternate logo features the symbol of the koru and birds flying in a novel shape, and we chose to anchor the bottom of the website by using it in the footer.

To connect with the parents and children who need her services, Megan wanted a colour scheme that represents nature yet bright and muted to tie in the two services and fonts that are easy to read creating a likable positive client experience. Good copy creates a conversation with new clients about what life would be like when their needs are met and it’s important that Megan’s potential and existing clients feel safe, trust, and respect they need so on the About Occupational Therapy page we created the website content to reflect those values.

Two sections side-by-side stretching the full width of the page is just about impossible on Squarespace without the use of custom code. A side-by-side section with an image on the left and the section about Somatic Experiencing on the right helps this site stand out from the standard Squarespace template look. Another exciting feature is the custom speaking form - Megan’s website visitors are encouraged to complete the stylish form to book her as a speaker at conferences, retreats, and events.

Squarespace forms can be limiting if you’re DIYing because without knowing code, you can only customize the button colour and type. On the Emerge site, the forms on the Workshop and Contact pages are both custom coded to ensure they don’t look like every other Squarespace site. Changing the colours and fonts to match the brand makes all the difference! Another added feature to the website design is a section for testimonials on both the Services pages which are not only consistent with her brand but also it can help her clients create a deeper more meaningful connection.

Megan has a Resources page to provide useful information to her clients and potential clients, some of the resources found on her page are TV appearances, podcasts, videos, articles, books, other useful website links, which builds goodwill because she is acknowledging other's expertise and encouraging her visitors to visit other sites. The resources may increase traffic to her website as it encourages more people to visit and become regular visitors who may end up becoming future clients, also the more links, bookmarks, and social mentions your page has the likelihood that it ranks higher in search results.

Working with Megan was so rewarding! As a dedicated practitioner, her passion for her profession was a joy to portray through her brand and convey on her site!

Meagan’s feedback on how she felt about the new website:

“I really can’t thank you enough for being patient with me and holding my hand as we went through it all! The finished work makes me feel proud of what I can offer and I couldn’t have achieved that feeling without you!”’

You’re a dedicated solopreneur who is dedicated to your clients. When you hand off your web design project, you can focus your attention on what you’re best at without stressing about website words and layouts!

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