May Crystal Clarity Business Forecast

I post crystal forecasts each week on Instagram because they're a fun way to add some intentionality to our businesses - writing the forecasts helps me connect with you and share my intuition, and reading my own crystal pick makes me think a little more about what energy I want to bring with me through the week and what I am calling towards me with my actions. Here on the blog I'll be posting one on the 1st of each month - if you'd like to play along each week please head on over to Insta!

Here's how to participate: Pause on the photo below and choose a crystal. Then, scroll down to read the entrepreneur forecast associated with your pick. I hope you'll join me in choosing a crystal!


Pause with your eyes closed, breathe deeply, release tension from your eyes and jaw, get quiet, and open your eyes to allow your intuition to choose one crystal from the photo below.

Your Business Clarity Forecast for May 2020

Consult your inner wisdom and meditate on the crystal you selected to allow its practical implications to become clear. ✨ Here’s what your intuition wants you to know as you begin this month if you selected...⁣

1. White Moonstone; learn to bring life to new ideas by getting in touch with what is already within - be aware of what is shimmering beneath the surface.⁣

2. Botswana Agate; you can embody love and connection when you are truly present. Notice how moments of sharing love can also be radical acts of self-love.⁣

3. Desert Rose; look for sources of healing in your everyday. Pay attention to small moments: there’s no better time to sit and appreciate the (double) rainbow. ⁣

Did your intuition match your intention? Is this the message your spirit wanted to hear at this moment? Head over to Instagram to participate in the crystal crew community, where you can let us know in the comments how you’re feeling and how you’ll interpret these messages - thank you for participating, collectively raising our vibration and sharing positive energy. Have a lovely week!