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Step away from the CAPS LOCK button...

+ and say yes to less stress by outsourcing the writing for your property descriptions.

tap the right arrow to renovate this property description

Upgrades include:

No typos.

No strange punctuation.

No confusing language.

No shouty caps.

Just more impact leading to more showings, in the same number of characters.

Hire out your MLS Property Description today...

for only $100 CAD + tax.

Image by Aaron Huber

Want to get each listing up faster, cut down on feeling so busy, and impress your sellers with a copywriter in your back pocket, all while making more deals and being the top seller you’ve always wanted to be?

Then you and I were written in the stars.

Experienced copywriter at Clear Quartz Creative.
90+ websites written, word for word!

Obsessed searcher.
Currently looking for house #3 (and maybe the perfect flip!)

I got tired of puzzling my way through INDECIPHERABLE LISTINGS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, so I decided to combine my passion for homes with my passion for words written well.


Now, I write turnkey listing descriptions for Realtors® to give you the consistency you crave throughout your ads and the creativity to stand out in a sea of listings within the same 1020 characters as everyone else.


Hi, I'm Chantelle.

Image by Stephanie Harvey


  • No more spending hours typing on your phone (let’s be honest, probably from the car...)

  • No more stressing about uploading error-free to avoid the dreaded MLS update charge tomorrow....

  • No more #basic listing descriptions, period.

“In the future, let’s do a listing description, shorter mini-description, and Facebook/Instagram caption for each. Am I lazy? Yes. But also, after you wrote what you wrote, the things I was writing felt really basic.”


- Dana

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White Duvet

The List It Write Process

here's how it all works!

Untitled (960 x 380 px) (960 x 300 px) (2).png


Start by uploading basic listing info, pictures, and/or video into the Pre-List form.

Untitled (960 x 380 px) (960 x 300 px) (2).png


Select your perfect package, set your delivery time, and complete your checkout.

Untitled (960 x 380 px) (960 x 300 px) (2).png


Receive, read and review your MLS Property Description.

Untitled (960 x 380 px) (960 x 300 px) (2).png


Post your effort-less, error-free, and power-full property description to MLS and list it write, the first time.

Work with List It Write and give your listing the love - and the easiest path to sold - it needs.

Hire out your MLS Property Description today...

for only $100 CAD + tax.

Hire out your MLS Property Description today...

for only $100 CAD + tax.

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