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Intention-Setting for the New CQC Blog

I'm Chantelle, a brand expander and website designer. My happy place is a window seat in the sunshine helping my clients envision the future of their businesses and make that vision come to life in brand + web design.

I'm just as invested in your business as you are, and I'm excited to share tutorials, behind the scenes in my business, website + brand reveals and more here on the new CQC Blog.

A little about me...

✨I design websites on Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify for female clients everywhere in the world. Know that if you hire me from somewhere exotic, you may find yourself at an in-person coffee date someday, because I also...

Live and work remotely part-time. Twice a year, I live in a new city for one month and live like a local. No, I'm not auditioning new places to live or trying to find myself --> I'm exploring the world one city at a time and getting re-inspired by checking out galleries, the entrepreneur scene, neighborhoods, museums, coffeeshops, bookstores, local markets, and doughnut bakeries.

My home base is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where I live in a cute apartment with a gorgeous sunroom/office within walking distance to downtown and alllll the hipster coffee spots.

My first business was in yoga, but I quickly pivoted to my real area of strength - bringing others visions to life through design. Now, I help women like you look like the pro that you are with a custom website that's perfect for your business.

I'm a little woo, in case the crystals didn't already give it away. I love to share motivation, inspiration, clarity forecasts and all about intentional business, and I'm happy to be part of the #slowentrepreneur and #consciousentrepreneur movements.

A little more about this blog...

I'll be writing to women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and side hustlers who have the motivation to make magic happen in their businesses and who need a little help with the tech side of things.... think Canva, Dubsado, Wix, Teachable, Pinterest, Squarespace, Instagram, etc. Have a great idea for a tutorial? Let me know here!

I'm taking you behind the scenes in my business and sharing what works and doesn't work for me, how I stay motivated, the steps I'm taking to grow, and going deeper about my goals and how I make decisions in business.

Clarity Forecasts will now have a home here in addition to Instagram so you can have easy access to past forecasts and information about crystals in business. I'll also be sharing affirmations and other personal growth practices.

#quartzquotes book reviews will now be posted on the blog. Get a glimpse of what I'm reading and how I'm applying it to my business, and learn the key takeaways you can implement today in your business.

Website and Brand Reveals: See the behind-the-scenes decision-making that goes into each new launch and get to know the #clearquartzclients behind the portfolio. Read about the problems we are solving in each business by creating a functional and beautiful website.

Hope you'll join us here and share your thoughts!

With good vibes and gratitude,


Chantelle sitting in wicker chair holding clear balloons - Ideal Client


CQC Crystal - How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I’m a savvy strategist, well-intentioned web designer, and your business’ new best friend from the middle of Canada. 


I’m known for helping service-based business owners like you find the best way to make your business happen, by turning the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real business possibilities and plans using my unique framework.


I’m obsessed with making deep emotional connections, infusing self-awareness into business, and idea-implementing with you!

White and Grey Keyboard Glasses - Ideal Client


is holding you back in biz?

Discover what’s holding you back in business *right now* and access the strategies and exercises that will help you bust through those mindset blocks.

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