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Masagana Flower Farm Squarespace Website

My client Lourdes helps her eco-conscious clients enjoy fresh, local flowers so that they can cultivate a beautiful life! The universe aligned for us to work together after many months of me admiring the flowers on her Instagram feed. After crafting a colourful brand, we began to design a Squarespace website that highlights Masagana Flower Farm’s products, services, workshops, and experiences in a bright, happy website.

A recurring visual feature placed throughout the site are the stunning watercolour images, evoking the magic of Lourdes’ garden at golden hour. Each image shows blooms grown by Masagana Flower Farm with the watercolour effect that makes her brand instantly recognizable.

A new and excited business owner, Lourdes serves her clients in many different ways. To eliminate scrolling, we’ve installed a slider on the homepage that showcases all of Masagana’s offerings and allows her clients to choose where they go next on the site.

Lourdes plans to write journal posts on a blog - so we created a journal page with a branded signature. She can easily add posts as her business grows, and they’ll automatically update on the homepage to show the three most recent articles.

With a unique business name, it was important to give her customers a spot to learn more about the meaning behind the word. We’ve dedicated a section of the About page to this unique feature!

Another special thing about Lourdes’ business is that she offers an accessible sliding scale for many of the items in her shop. Her clients can choose which option suits their financial situation, but most will need to be educated first since this is a relatively new and uncommon feature. Another section of About shows an image, description, and FAQs all about this sliding scale so customers can head to the shop section feeling empowered.

Communicating the brand’s values of cultivating beauty, empowerment, and creativity, the bright and fun text placed throughout is very much on-brand. We’ve also designed it so the text complements the main event - the flowers! We’ve also left a lot of whitespace so that every image pops!

The Masagana website was a delight to build - just look at all the floral inspiration! Supporting Lourdes as she grows her dream into a garden and a business was an honour, and supporting you on your own business dreams would be an honour as well. I offer free, no-pressure dream sessions where we can talk about your website needs.

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