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Check Your Mindset Before Making Your Next Investment in Business

Did you know that having the right mindset before making any purchase in your business is *crucial* to getting ROI (return on investment) ?

It’s true! The energy behind your purchase decisions impacts everything about what you get out of that investment. Basically, the universe is paying attention to how you feel when you enter your credit card details in. If it detects fear or scarcity, your results might not be as good as you expect or desire. If the universe notices you feeling abundant and confident, and you put the effort and action in, your results will be more aligned with what you want.


Mindset 1: Fear and Scarcity

Whenever you make a business decision or purchase because you’re afraid your business will fail if you don’t invest, you’re probably acting out of scarcity. And whenever you don’t know exactly what your problem is, but you think throwing money at {insert course, program, or masterclass here} will help, you’re probably acting out of fear.

Having fear and scarcity guide your decision-making means you’re more likely to make a decision that’s uninformed at best or risky at worst.

Fear or scarcity-based decision thinking might sound like:

“I’ve read like a hundred freebies but I just can’t find the secret. This coach is killing it on Instagram, if I buy her program maybe I’ll have the secret too.”

“This is the last online course I’m buying, if this one doesn’t work, maybe I just wasn’t meant to be an entrepreneur.”

“I just need to make a sale or I’m going to have to go back to my 9-5.”

Take a look at my fear-based mindset during an actual purchase decision I made in my business:

$597USD course on email marketing that I bought off a webinar at 6am back when I had my first business, 3 years ago

My mindset at the time → “This girl obviously knows what she’s talking about, because, look, she has 294 people on this 6am webinar! I bet all her signups for this are from her email list, and it’s because I don’t have anyone on my email list that I’m not making any sales. Oh! She just said that I have to buy it today or wait until the next round, and that I need to have an email list to have a successful business. This is the thing that’s going to work to turn my whole business around!”

Click. Purchase. Zero action from me, and zero results... Did I mention I put it on a credit card and definitely didn’t have the money? 🙄⁣

This isn’t to say it was a bad course, or that the entrepreneur didn’t know what she was talking about. But my fear-based mindset blocked me from getting anything good out of it, and on top of that, I had major shame over investing that much money for something I got nothing from.⁣


Mindset 2: Abundant + Confident

Whenever you make a business decision or purchase because you feel abundant and know that you have the money already in your bank account, most likely you’re feeling abundant. And whenever you know what your next step is and you’ve decided you’re ready for that uplevel, you’re probably acting with confidence.

Abundant and confident decision thinking could sound like:

“I’ve read like a hundred freebies and I’ve implemented everything I can on my own. Working with this coach will help me see it through and maximize my time investment.”

“This course has modules that target exactly the strategies I’m looking to learn, and I know I have time to devote to learning it well and then backing it up with action.”

“My sales strategy needs some help. I’ve figured out how to get leads, and I have my packages set. Sales is the missing link, and I’m confident this will help me figure it out.”

When I made this next investment in business, I was feeling abundant:

Purchase 2: $297USD Pinterest Management service on a 3 month contract (Total: $891 USD) that I invested in last month.

My mindset when I bought → “My business has grown a lot through word of mouth referrals. I used to get a lot of clients through in-person networking and education, but there are less opportunities for that right now. I have to shift my focus so that I can continue generating leads for my services. I know how to do Pinterest strategy, but I also know it’s time consuming. Right now I need to focus on getting portfolio content and blog content ready so I have something to pin. It has been difficult for me in the past to prioritize and stick to blogging. I think I’ll hire a Pinterest strategist to pick up where I’ve left off and manage my accounts for me for the next three months, so that I can focus on writing great content.”

Click. Purchase, feeling confident I’ll see results. One month in, totally happy.


How to Know Where Your Mindset Is At

Until you feel comfortable hearing your inner voice and noticing the thoughts as they arise, it’s going to be helpful to journal out your feelings. Next time you’re choosing where to put your business dollars, ask yourself the following questions and do a quick jot note list of what comes up:

1. Is this a decision that feels right or feels logical right now, given what’s going on in my business right now?

2. Do I feel comfortable with the amount of money I’m about to be spending?

3. Do I have enough time and mental energy to devote to this purchase?

4. Do I feel I know what the problem is that I’m trying to solve, or what next level I’m looking to get to?

5. Do I feel reasonably sure that, based on my answer to #4, this is a good next step for me?

I know it’s difficult to be aware of the unconscious thoughts going on behind the scenes as you make day-to-day decisions in your business, but I promise, paying attention to where your mindset is at will improve your results.

Do you have any courses, trainings, or coaching programs on your wishlist that you just don’t know how you feel about yet? It might help to talk it out with someone who can reflect back what she’s hearing about your mindset and help you make an aligned decision. Oh heyyy! That’s me! I’ve helped over 50 business owners make the next right decision in their businesses, and I’d love to help you too. On a free 15 minute call, we’ll look at your mindset so you don’t accidentally make your next investment decision out of fear. You in for that? Amazing, let's book your call!

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