Breastfeeding Consultants of San Diego Brand Identity

As an experienced lactation consultant, Heather Shabestari is an entrepreneur with a lot of heart and not so much time. So she can continue serving her clients best, branding her own business was not the best use of her time. Heather contacted me for elevated brand visuals.

Heather helps modern parents navigate the oft-challenging task of feeding their new babies - stepping in when her clients find that feeding their baby is not going as expected and the fairytale feeding experience isn’t happening as they dreamed. Having been in business for a while, Heather was wanting a new logo and brand with a calm and inviting feel.

For this San Diego breastfeeding consultant’s professional brand presence, we’ve chosen an oceanside colour scheme! Heather’s branding connects with today’s parents through the use of a modern serif font. Inspired by a drop of golden milk, we chose a teardrop shape as a main graphic.

Through the soft and fluid wave pattern element, we communicate her positivity and evoke trust as she helps families with intimate moments as new parents. Heather’s brand is designed to authentically resonate and connect at the heart level with her dream clients.⁣