Brand Photography How-To: Header Images For Your Website

Every time I get on a Clarity Call with a prospective client, the conversation eventually turns to brand photos. Not that I'm complaining... I'm glad my clients have questions about photography, because photos make a huge difference on the quality of a website.

The header image is the first thing your website visitors will see "above the fold", which means what appears before they scroll- so these banner photos are important in making a first impression!

Want to know the secret to getting The header images you need at your brand photoshoot?

Tell your brand photographer that the photos are for your website and plan ahead!

The way I see it, there are four configurations for photo composition for header images: the subject placed to the far left, left-center, right-center, and far right. Getting a variety of photos placing the subject (most likely you!) in all 4 configurations will give you the most flexibility for your website design. This leaves room for graphics, your logo, text, buttons and other elements everywhere else.

Website Header Images: Far-Right

site credit

Website Header Images: Right-Center

site credit

Website Header Images: Left-Center

site credit

Website Header Images: Far-Left

site credit

Do you have other questions about brand photography? Send me an email at and I'll answer them in an upcoming post!