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Best Free Font Combinations on Canva

Do you use Canva for your business? I know so many small business owners who use the online service exclusively to create their on-brand graphics. In case that's you and you're wondering what you can do with the free fonts at your disposal, I've pulled together 6 of my favourite options. Each combination includes a headline font and a body font - I recommend choosing just one combo to create all of your graphics in for consistency. The more consistent you are in the visual style of what you post, the easier it will be for your fans to recognize you. And, the more your graphics are instantly recognizable, the easier it is for them to spot what's yours and the more likely they are to return to your content again and again. Professional graphics go a long way in increasing the know/like/trust factor we're all after! If you're lost when it comes to fonts, keep scrolling for 6 ready-made combinations you can use in your biz (just remember to stick to one combo!)

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via Canva

I love this font combination for a business such as a floral designer or cake studio's graphics. Both happen to also be Google Fonts, so if your business has a website, the fonts are free for commercial use and can be used on all your platforms!

via Canva

Catering company or photographer vibes, anyone? This bolder font pairing speaks to me for creative entrepreneurs! Available in Google Fonts and in Canva, this is another all-around excellent font pair for your business!

Mardoto Bold + Karma Medium

via Canva

This is one of my favourites! I can picture it on a restaurant menu, a yoga studio sign

(maybe because it's named Karma!) and so much more. A strong headline font paired with a medium-weight body font gives it some gravitas and a more modern feel.

via Canva

This combo will work best for brands wanting to make a statement - I'm seeing it for graphic designers, crafty DIY'ers, or pottery artists! Also both available from Google Fonts - this combination is ideal to use across print and digital mediums.

via Canva

I just love the rounded edges of both Nunito and Quicksand - this helps tie these two together for this fun combination! I could see this working super well for a doula or massage therapist, or even a reiki practitioner. Since these both happen to be Google Fonts as well, they could be part of a whole branding suite!

via Canva

Both of these fonts have so much personality, making this pairing ideal for a wellness lifestyle coach or a holistic nutritionist. The "feet" at the bottom of both serifs ties them in together and makes them a perfect - and interesting! - match.

Did you decide to use any of the font combinations above for your brand? Share one of your graphics and tag @clearquartzcreative so we can all see!

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