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All About Discovery Calls (or as I call them, Dream Sessions!)

As an amplifier, when I get on the phone with prospective clients, my main focus is on hearing where you are at, helping you express your truth, and reflect on ways I can help you to expand your brand and business. This is the time to dream big! Read on for ways I connect with prospective clients and what a Dream Session is like.

What is being on a call like?

When I first meet with my clients on an initial call, we're connecting and conversing for a while. Initial calls with me tend to run long, because I don’t time them and I don’t use a script. It's important that you are able to express everything you're currently experiencing in your business and tell me everything you're dreaming up in the future that we should plan for to support your growth.

It's also important that I can hear your truth, because if we work together it'll be my job to communicate that to your ideal clients! I don't put a time limit on these calls, because I don't want to limit your expression. We'll chat until we are both on the same page about who you are as a business owner, what you're creating and how you're helping you clients, and where your business is going in your dream vision!

What kinds of things can we dream up?

Some ideas my clients and I have dreamed up during these sessions are:

  • combining all of equine healing and reiki services into one umbrella session where my client can draw on different modalities, because her ideal clients don't come in already knowing what kind of session is best for them

  • launching 3 mini-courses for a holistic nutritionist client to address the 3 most common health issues her clients are facing, in addition to her 1:1 services and introductory program

  • creating legacy weavings that utilize fabric from a cherished heirloom piece of clothing or item such as a baby blanket to create art from existing memories, and creating a page where custom requests can be easily filled out by her customers

  • naming an intuitive eating coach client's signature program so that she she can build brand awareness and create community around her offer

  • creating a quarterly content photography package for medium-sized businesses that my photographer client loves to serve

How do we determine if we're a good fit?

I'm very interested in hearing all the details about you and your business, because that helps me to determine if you are a good fit for my design services. (Yes! I'm interviewing you, too!) I've been in business for a while and worked with 50+ entrepreneurs at this point, so I've figured out a thing or two about what types of business owners I work really well with. On our initial call, each of us will have a chance to sense the other's energy. This is especially important because I'm a collaborative designer, so we'll be spending a lot of time together if we choose to move forward! I'm very open with my clients on these calls. In fact, let me share a snippet from a real email I sent to a prospective client last week:

“The right fit is so important! Happy to hear you’re investing your intention and energy to find what feels good. I’m happy to answer any questions or assist in comparing the varying info if that can be helpful. I’m equally looking for alignment with my clients so my initial calls are as honest and un-salesy as can be!”

Are you going to pitch me on the call?

Not the way you're used to being pitched at the end of a free webinar, or increasingly and unfortunately, in unsolicited messages in your DMs. I don’t do that thing where my voice and energy shifts into sales mode. While that may be energetically correct for some, my open solar plexus self doesn’t operate that way. (Check out Human Design or ask me if you’re not sure what I’m talking about!)

My job is not to convince you that I'm the "only web designer for you" or that "this website platform is better than that website platform" and that's simply not my style. I'm not in the motivating game, I'm in the alignment game. If it *feels good* for both of us to collaborate on your project, I'll ask you on our call if you're interested in hearing more about how we can work together. If you say yes, I'll tell you about what the experience working with me is like, what my packages consist of, what the investment is, and what my availability is like. You'll also be able to ask any questions you have about what's included or how you're feeling.

Am I ready for a call with you?

This is the most common question coming at me these days, so you are not alone!

I'm happy to help clear this up: you’re ready for a call when you feel that spark and your intuition compels you to reach out. Entrepreneurs at all stages of business get in touch for a Dream Session: you’ll come away from our call with at least one new insight that will help you on your business journey.

If you felt that spark or your intuition says now’s the time, let’s book a call.

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In working with 100+ clients, I’ve developed a unique approach that promotes alignment and self-awareness as key business skills.

Solo entrepreneur clients work with me to establish a continuous cycle of introspection and implementation - you too can learn how to infuse self-awareness into your business.


Let’s turn the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real possibilities and plans, by reflecting and taking action in your business together!

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