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5 Signs that Your Website is Converting Well

There are some things in life and business that we all want to be confident will work every time...

✨Posting to your IG Story on the first try.

Having your audio AND your video work on Zoom for that important client meeting.

An epsom salt bath and a glass of wine after a tough day.

The alarm clock for your first early morning flight after travel restrictions are lifted post-COVID.

And, your website converting leads to sales.

Key to getting this last one to happen is getting clients to click around on your website and actually interact with it. When your website is converting optimally, you’ll know by the amount of core website actions taken and the number of leads that become clients.

To test the overall success of your website, check for these 5 indicators.

You’ll know your website is working when:

1. Your main contact form is being filled out.

2. You're getting signups from your newsletter opt-ins.

3. New clients are telling you they’ve looked at your website, or they reference a specific line they read that made them contact you.

4. Ideal Clients are finding you through Google.

5. Customers are taking the main action you want them to take.

Here are a few examples: Book a Call, Schedule a Session, Purchase a Pass, Join the Membership, Listen to the podcast, etc.

These five metrics of success are key ways to tell if your website efforts are paying off, and if that isn’t happening (yet!) you’ll know it’s time to make some adjustments.

If you’re struggling in 0 or 1 area:

Your website is converting well! You’ve invested in a site that works for your current stage of business, and can be celebrating and focusing your marketing dollars elsewhere.

If you’re struggling in 2+ areas:

A website upgrade focusing on your visual branding, brand messaging, call-to-actions, or website structure will help to increase the success of your site. You’ll want to schedule a consult for the Polished experience to talk over how your strategy could be better serving you! On your call, we’ll focus on how to improve what’s already working and make it even better, and also talk about new strategies and improvements that will help improve your conversions.

Would you like to schedule a free Dream Session consultation? Click here!


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