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E24: Ella Worsley's Experience of the 5/1 Profile in Human Design

Ella Worsley

Facilitator, Speaker, Podcast Host and Meditation Teacher

Jess Trent - HD Profiles Podcast - Clear Quartz Creative

Meet Ella Worsley, a dedicated and skilled practitioner in the field of holistic well-being and mental health. Ella seamlessly integrates various holistic healing modalities, including Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Reiki, and Neuro-linguistic programming, complemented by coaching and counseling practices.

Ella is a facilitator, speaker, podcast host and meditation teacher who excels in creating transformative experiences through workshops, retreats, events, online programs and through her private clients..With a wealth of experience, a thirst for knowledge, and drawing from her own lived life experiences, Ella's invaluable insight, coupled with her passionate energy, leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. 

As co-founder of The Enlighten co, Ella is passionate about creating powerful experiences that deliver lasting and sustainable results for the community, Where personal growth, healing and transformation become your new reality.

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Full Transcript - Episode 24


Chantelle: Ella, let's talk about what being a 5/1 is like for you.

Ella: Being a 5'1, I feel like it's a beautiful representation for me of like a lighthouse, so to speak. I feel like when I'm on and I'm bright and I'm in my zone of genius and I'm, I'm feeling good within myself.

I do have this beautiful magnetic light that, calls things in and things are happening and I'm feeling great. But then there's those times where, you know, I want to switch off and I want to go within and I'm not as energetic and, you [00:02:00] know, I really obviously honor that phase as well.

So I feel like the results that I'm creating or the things that I'm experiencing in my external reality are often a representation of what I'm feeling internally.

Chantelle: Oh, that's interesting. It's the way you describe it is almost like this duality where you alternate between the two, which is fascinating to me because for me, I kind of just experience both layered one on top of the other all the time.

That's interesting though, how the back and forth works for you.

Ella: Yeah, I think again, like with social media, with clients, with all the things, like I know when I'm again feeling good within myself when I'm rested, especially like I know when I'm not feeling rested, when I'm needing to really energize, there's the times where I really need to go within and I won't feel like showing up online as much.

I won't feel like promoting things or like getting out there and doing things as much whilst when I am, I'll want to be everywhere doing all the things that I'll be like on social media to the point where I'm like, Oh, I think I need to get off a little bit today. Like, that's [00:03:00] enough.

Chantelle: Right. Yeah.

And so it sounds like when you take that bit of a retreat, that's when more of the one line shows up for you. What are some of your current one line obsessions? What are you diving deep into knowledge for?

Ella: I'm currently completing counseling. I'm doing that certification at the moment, so that's something I'm loving.

I'm diving more into trauma informed work as well. So really learning about, I've already kind of done it. Deep into that already, but I feel like I'm going back in with a bit of a different lens at the moment and just learning more. I'm always learning to be honest. Like I'm always learning, relearning, reading, relate, rereading.

I feel like I am my best friend in that space sometimes with my own worst enemy sometimes in that space as well, because I sometimes have to sit with yeah, like, you know, enough, you're doing enough. Like there's enough expertise there because I just feel like there's just constantly this thirst for knowledge that, yeah, can't always be sustained, so to speak.

So I feel [00:04:00] like again, I'm always kind of always learning something.

Chantelle: As a fellow one line, I can definitely relate to that. And especially what you said about the layering of knowledge, coming back to a topic again I love that experience as well. Re learning something with, bringing in new perspectives and new experiences that I've learned since the last time that I learned it.

That's one of my favorite things as a one line as well. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then as a five line, you're really here to create impact.

You talked already about how alignment really changes that for you, how you feel like you can express that impact more when you're in your own alignment. But in what ways right now as an entrepreneur, do you feel that you're able to create the most impact?

Ella: Right now, what feels true for me is impact probably more in my deeper one on one sessions and my private client will work as opposed to social media. I'm having a little bit of a weird relationship with social media at the moment. I'm finding that it's feeling a little bit heavy and I'm also just [00:05:00] finding that I'm

redefining my relationship with it a little bit. Like I've been, we've been in this like love, hate relationship for the last like 10 months and yeah, just finding who I am with it at the moment, because I'm even tossing up between creating like a personal Instagram and then having my business one because they've kind of always been intertwined, but I've been sitting with, I don't know if that really is right for me.

And then obviously my type as well. So, yeah. I feel like my deeper work and the way that I am impacting is more of like behind the scenes, behind closed doors in more of those intimate sessions as opposed to social media, but I'm fine tuning things so that I can get back to the social media piece as well.

Because I feel like that is the space that I really thrive in when I'm feeling in alignment with it. Right.

Chantelle: Well, to keep up alignment on three. I think you have three different accounts that I saw. That's a lot going on.

Ella: Yes, I have. Yes, I have been like encoded and retreats.

My personal, my business one, potentially my personal one as well. So, yeah. Yeah. Just finding where you sit with it because, you know, I [00:06:00] kind of fell into the business journey and before I knew what I had, like this Instagram that I was growing and, you know, there was the personal elements because, as a coach, as a counselor, as a therapist, you know, my life is also my work as well.

You know, I like to be the embodiment of my work, but also finding myself, I've kind of. found like I've been wrapped up in my identity in my, in my socials a little bit too. And just like, okay, who am I outside of that as well? And feeling like maybe I need to separate them a little bit to find more inspiration in my everyday life outside of my work and then feed that back more into my work as well.

And yeah, I'm in this interesting space at the moment.

Chantelle: So as a five line, do you feel like the persona that you are online influences how people view you, especially at the beginning when they don't know you as well yet?

Ella: Yeah, I definitely feel like people can, you know, make their own perceptions and have their own experiences of me.

And sometimes I feel like that can be very different to when they meet me in person and things [00:07:00] like that too. And I know that's for everyone as well. I know that people are always going to have their experiences of you and their projections of you. And they can think that, you know, that you're this person and then meet you in person and it's different, or it doesn't meet their expectations of who they think that you are.

I've definitely experienced that from time to time. But I think, you know, outside of that, I think everybody experiences that to some degree as well. Like where people are always perceiving us through a certain lens and that lens is different for every person as well.

So whether we're meeting their expectations of us or not, is it always a different story?

Chantelle: Correct. And our reputations do always precede us, especially in this age of social media. So whether we're five lines or not, that's, that's absolutely true. Yeah. Okay, you've told me that you feel like you're really able to guide and that's one of the gifts of your profile.

So how does that theme of guidance play out for you, either in your offers or just in how you experience entrepreneurship in [00:08:00] general?

Ella: I feel like I have the ability to see people deeply and to not to see the, you know, the face, the makeup, the head, the clothes, the exterior. I feel like I, when I'm sitting with someone, I can see inside of them.

And obviously maybe that's like that projector penetrating field, but I do feel like I have the ability to see below the surface, whether that's something that they're showing me or whether that's just, something that I'm able to kind of feel into as well. I am also very intuitive. So, yeah, I think that my gift is to guide people back to maybe things that I see that they don't quite see yet through questions, through prodding, through, you know, allowing them to be guided back to their own internal GPS.

And so I love open ended questions. I love deepening questions. I love you know, getting people just to think about certain things in a certain way and just opening their mind up to things that I haven't thought about before through some just really, again, inquisitive questions. So I find that I do support people a lot in that space through [00:09:00] my client work, especially because yeah, I feel like I am here to guide in a certain way, but I guess that also shows up for me in my everyday life in being an example.

I really love to pride myself on living an embodied life and practicing what I preach and doing the things that I tell people, you know, work for me. And so showing up as that example, myself is another way that I guide people but yeah, there's lots of different ways through trainings that I run through workshops.

Yeah. Again, being that example myself there's lots of different ways that I feel I do show up and guide people, but guide people back again, to their internal truth, because I'm not here to tell people what that is for them. I might see my own perceptions. I might see little things that I'm like, Oh, that would be a great space for you to lean into and have you noticed this over here?

But again, at the end of the day, people are their own best healers, teachers, guides. And often we're just disconnected from that information. And so, you know, I like to think of myself as bridging the little gap for them and just giving them that push, that loving encouragement to explore what is [00:10:00] already going on internally.

Chantelle: Yeah, that's beautiful. I think it's interesting, actually, that one one line thing that we both seem to express in relatively the same way is how much we've centered personal growth as part of our businesses. And I'm sure that on an individual level, that's a really important thing for you, but then it also is a very integral part of your business from what I can see from your offers and your retreats.

Can you tell us a little bit about the theme of personal growth for you individually and then also the theme of personal growth in the business?

Ella: Yeah, definitely. I think for me it's integrity. Yeah. I think I would never go and sit with a therapist that hadn't done their own internal work. Like to me, if I was to work with a money coach, I'd never want to work with a money coach that was broke.

I'd never want to go to someone and learn about relationships if they had, you know, really poor toxic relationships, I'd never want to learn about communication from someone that didn't know how to communicate properly. So I think for me, you know, [00:11:00] whatever we're choosing to, to work on obviously with other people, whatever we're choosing to do as our profession in life, I think there's always got to be some level of integrity there.

If I was to go and take people through inner child work, which I do often, and I hadn't done that myself, you know, that's not sitting in integrity for myself. So for me, you know, everything that I teach on. Everything that I share, every conversation I like to have, it's either, you know, coming from that space of I've explored it myself, or it's something that I've done on a healing level, as well as, you know, I've gone and learned about it on a certain level, whether it be through studies, qualifications, or just my own, you know, beautiful research that I do as well.

Again, if we're guiding people in life and we're taking them on these journeys, especially when it comes to mental health, emotional health, healing especially when we are in that space, again, going into those deep, beautiful spaces within yourself and being able to sit with someone and say, Hey, I see you, I've explored that.

You know, knowing what it feels like for them again, it's integrity [00:12:00] for me. So yeah, that, that's how it plays out in my life. And my business is that everything I choose to, to offer, to speak on, to explore with people, they're, they're, they're depths that I've gone to within myself.

Chantelle: That's so wonderful to hear.

I love hearing how you phrase that, how you reflect that. It's also probably a bit of a call in for me. I feel like that's a message that I personally needed to hear today. So thank you for that. Yeah, it did. It really did land.

I I feel like with the work that I do with the guides that I write, I have that integrity piece in the sense that I've helped clients through it.

I have genuine lived experience with clients on those topics. And I have genuine lived experience with myself in previous iterations of my business on those topics. And yet when it comes to having those applied to the current iteration of my business, which is offering different services than I did before, I have [00:13:00] not caught up.

There are some issues that I need to work through. I need to go through page by page and really create those things for this version of how my business exists today. And you're right. There's that disconnect when you don't have that integrity piece. And I do reflect quite, quite often, but I have some catching up to do there.

I feel like that was message that was really, really good for me to hear in that moment. Thank you for sharing that.

Ella: And I think it's important, you know, when we go and work with people again, whatever it is, right. Like, but especially again, in the mental, emotional healing space, even the business space, you know, you want to work with people that have created a certain level of success.

You want to work with people that are managing money, that know what they're doing when they're managing your money. We want to go to people and trust that they've got the qualifications. Maybe they've got the life experiences, but they are like somewhat living the embodied life of that person as well.

Like I've worked with psychologists that have been so cold [00:14:00] and you know, just not warm and loving. And I know psychologists that have never done really any healing themselves. like, you know, you see these things and it just, again, for me personally, my experience is, I think that just, yeah, if we are going to teach and guide and take people on these journeys it's beautiful to have gone there yourself.

Chantelle: Right. Definitely important to walk the walk as well as talking the talk for sure. Earlier in the episode, you talked about the alignment piece with yourself and some personal practices.

And I do know that listeners are always very interested in hearing what those personal practices are. And I know you mentioned rest and sleep. And did I hear your projector? Yes. Are there any personal practices that center around rest? And what are some other personal practices that you find are really important for alignment?

Ella: Personal practices usually I love, I love reading so that kind of like ticks the box of like knowledge every morning and just sitting and like reading 10 pages and just like filling that little void for the day. I love exercise and movement. I love [00:15:00] meditation as well, because I feel like there's just so many ideas and things, you know, bouncing around in my brain every day that taking that time to really connect to my own energy and be with myself through meditation is something I absolutely love.

So they're kind of like my non negotiables in the morning to sit with. I love journaling in the evening. I love all doing all kinds of workouts as well. So, you know, really challenging myself physically. But I think the biggest thing for me is you're really learning into my capacity because I, again, as a projector, I feel like I have a certain level of capacity.

And then once I kind of hit it, it's like, Ooh, like I feel depleted. I want to tap out. I want to get a rest. So in my schedule, I will usually block out from like two to three in the afternoon. And that's like when I'll just take some time to rest. Sometimes it'll be a little bit earlier, but I'll usually eat around that time.

And I'll just take like an hour off screens and sometimes I'll put on a hypnotherapy session or lie down for half an hour. I'll usually fall asleep to it or I'll go into a hypnotic state, [00:16:00] but it's like this, I hit the reset button and then that way, when I come out of it, I wake up in the afternoon.

I have a nice coffee. I do some more work for a couple of hours. I go and do some things, but it also almost like it's like I wake up and I feel like I've got a second day. So I have two separate days almost. And I don't know, it's been something I've been doing for a while where it really, really works for me because I give my brain that mental rest as well.

So I don't feel like I ever go into, and I, sometimes I do, sorry, because my schedule doesn't allow it, but I usually don't feel like I go into that overloaded state where, you know, when you just like feel a little bit fried, you feel like you haven't taken that time, you're just a bit scattered.

Like when I feel myself going into that space, I have the awareness around that. I check in. Okay, cool. What am I needing to bring myself out of this? I really try and avoid going into that spaced out. I'm too busy and I'm too overloaded space. And I often can do it through prioritizing that rest in that day.

And again, also checking in with my capacity. So, you know, how much capacity do I have [00:17:00] each day? And just because I have time available in my schedule doesn't mean that I have capacity available. That's a big thing that I've learned because, you know, we'll often look at our schedule, but like, Oh, I can fit in something there.

We can fit in something there. I know for myself, I only have a certain amount of capacity for social catch ups each week and outside of that, I then need to go retreat and go take that time for myself. So if I overload myself with too much social interactions, I know that I'll pay for it the following week.

Really learning how to work with my social capacity, my energy capacity, my work capacity each week and try and find that happy medium where I can, and then try and find that happy medium with like deep rest as well. Yeah, I, I like to think that I try and stay on this, you know, nice trajectory of not burning myself out and not overloading myself too much.

Chantelle: It sounds like the lesson there is that not every blank space needs to be filled with something, especially not with something that's potentially [00:18:00] draining, like a social encounter or a work issue or anything like that.

The thing that you were saying that I found really interesting was getting a fresh start at the day when you take that full hour in the middle to unplug.

, if that's the middle of the day for you, do you tend to start your days a little bit later?

Ella: Yeah. Yep. I, Oh, and like, I start my days around like seven, I'm up doing my rituals, but I try not to work, jump into work before like 8:30, 9. So then, you know, nine to one is usually nine to two maybe.

And then I, I jump back in, I don't do like a full day after that as well. Like I might do, you know, three, four hours, three hours, sometimes even just sometimes it's just two hours, but it's two hours of really intentional work and actually like ticking things off the list and being really productive.

Whereas Yeah. In the past, I found that if I just kept pushing and pushing and pushing in those overloaded spaces, I'd find that those last couple of hours of each day would just be like scrolling and doing nothing and really counterproductive anyway. So it's just, yeah, it's a way that I've kind of [00:19:00] flipped my days on their head.

And that way, when I go into my evening, I've got energy to do some things. I'm not just like falling asleep on the lounge and feeling really drained because I've, again, I'm working with my energy in a different way.

Chantelle: That's a beautiful expression of that self knowledge that you were talking about, even just knowing what it is that you know will refill your cup part way through the day, like knowing, okay, today's a hypnotherapy day.

I just need to lie down and close my eyes more than just don't look at screens. Don't look at anything, close my eyes and just, just lay there.

Ella: I find that - sometimes I can go down rabbit holes and I want to seek out the information.

I like to know different things and I like to keep up to date with what's going on in the world and things that I should be aware of. And like, you know, I love communicating. I'm a huge communicator. So I love like checking in with all of my clients and talking. And so I know that, you know, because I like doing all of these things again, I need that space to do the opposite.

Chantelle: Mm-Hmm, . And as someone who does hypnotherapy, when you do that yourself, is that like a track that you've recorded for [00:20:00] yourself or what does that practice look like for you?

Ella: They are usually either a combination of my own ones that I've created, like clients, so they're just like very generalized.

I don't have any names or any specific things in there. Or I have a couple of favorite people that I like listening to on YouTube as well. But generally they'll be my own ones that I like to create.

Chantelle: Okay, that's such a cool skill set to have to be able to do that. I used to teach yoga and although I'm not like certified in meditation, I obviously led meditative versions of yoga.

And I used to listen to some of my own, but as I've moved away from that, I have leaned into more guided meditations from other people and that's been really good and healing for me too. And you mentioned meditating. Is that, is that something that you do as a guided thing or what does that look like for you?

Ella: I need someone telling me what to do. Sometimes I'll lie on the ground, I'll just put some music on and like, just be, be still and be in some silence, but yeah, meditation, I do [00:21:00] love someone telling me what to do. That's great.

Chantelle: Yeah, me too. The, the best is when you can be in a community space, at least for me, I like to be meditating in real time with other people in the same physical space.

That's my top experience of meditation. But without being able to access that all the time, also just having a voice guiding me is the way to go to.

Are some of these practices part of those retreats?

Ella: Yeah, absolutely. The retreats, my one on one work programs, everything that I offer has been a part of my own healing journey.

I've been on an extensive healing journey myself, and you know, there's been so many things that I've really found that really worked for me. So when we put our healing retreat together, it was a combination of things I'd experienced, my business partner had experienced. And just again, things that we could really sit with it, with people in real time and know what they're going through, know how they're feeling, know what they're experiencing.

So yeah, these are all things that I've explored myself [00:22:00] on a beautiful, deep level as well.

And just things that I feel are really powerful. You know, not from coming from that space. If this is how you've got to do it, but come and experience some things. Here's a beautiful variety of different things you can try out and see what feels good for you.

Chantelle: Is there any specific way you feel that the 5/1 profile influences the creation of that retreat? I know there's one that you have coming up. Is there anything that you're putting into that one that you feel lines up with your profile?

Ella: I think just like being that guide and, you know, seeing people like that depth in my profile and that ability to see people and guide people definitely comes out in all of the work that I do, but yeah, also that thirst for knowledge around, you know, how can we make things better?

How can we fine tune things? Like, what's this experience going to look like? Because there's always this curiosity and this inquisitive nature that I put into all the work that I do as well, really wanting to fine tune and maybe perfected a little bit too much sometimes, but I do feel like I [00:23:00] really want to yeah, give that client that really beautiful experience.

So that it is this really fine tuned intentional experience, not just like, here's a workshop, here's a workshop. It's like, no, no, let's take them on the journey so that it's like this opening, allowing this unfolding, this crumbling, and it's, it's all intentionally put together to give people that full experience of the other end and all throughout it as well.

So yeah, lots of it goes into it.

Chantelle: I was reading a little bit on your 20 lessons that you've learned from all those 20 retreats and all of that. And you really have this undercurrent in certainly your social media, but probably in your work as well of just like learning from all sorts of things. Learning from certifications, learning from client work, learning from your past experience with retreats.

There's this building on prior experience and this constant betterment and I feel like that's such a one line thing. We just- we cannot help ourselves but [00:24:00] learn, I can't turn it off. It sounds like you can turn it off either.

Ella: No, definitely. When you actually go through something on a personal level, and you find things that work, or you find a higher meaning, and then you know, you then couple it up with the humanness and the emotion and the mess of it as well.

But again, come from that space of here's the higher perspectives learnings. Here's why it was beautifully unfolding for you. And it was a part of your life's journey, but allow yourself to feel it and go through it and like, you know, learn all the things in that space as well.

Like I think, yeah, it's such a beautiful space to teach from. And I guess I'm so grateful for every life experience that I go through. I went through some trauma this year as well, and I came out the other side pretty quickly because of my resilience, but I came out the other side just with level of gratitude of like, wow.

It's gifted this experience now that I can help other people with this. And it's not like I'm going to come go out and become a trained professional in that, but I know that if I have clients that come through and they experience a certain problem, I know I'm going to be like, [00:25:00] okay, cool. , I've been through that myself.

Like, you know, I know that I can come from that space of understanding.

Chantelle: You have this depth to draw from. Yeah. Yeah. Lovely. Well, thank you so much for chatting with us about your profile today and about all of the guiding work that you do. It was a delight.

We close every episode of the HD Profiles podcast with a card reading. I'm using a deck that is a custom human design affirmation deck created by Christina of Glow Glow Juice HD.

These cards that I'm holding are 5/1 specific, they are written for your profile. We're going to take a deep breath together and I'll invite your response.

So we'll breathe in.

And out,

The card that I've selected says: [00:26:00] I release the pressure to save or fix everyone and everything, even though I am asked to. How can I unburden myself?

Is there anything that comes up or anything that brings to mind?

Ella: Yeah, it's not, it's not our responsibility to fix people and it's, it's not our responsibility to help people and just because you have the knowledge, you have the skills, you have the space, you have the capacity doesn't mean that every single person is meant to come into your field to be successful.

And that's definitely something I've had to learn along the way, because I've definitely like fought for people and really wanted to make things happen for people. And, you know, sat almost in frustration myself, like, Oh my gosh, I can help. Like, let's go, let's do the thing. But people have got to be ready, willing and able.

If they want to create change and it, and unless those three things are there and that self responsibility and that radical responsibility around, okay, I'm ready. Like I'm willing to create the change. it's not our [00:27:00] responsibility. So I think, you know, coming back to knowing that we don't, I didn't also create change with people and we didn't create change with people.

People create change for themselves where we're just there to guide and offer information and support. I think it's, you know, in that everyone creates change for themselves through that, you know, whatever it is that they need to go through internally. And so, yeah, I think when we step out of that space of needing to ride on a white horse and save everybody, I know that everybody's there to save themselves so that we can provide a space for them to do that.

And it changes the way that we look at that.

Chantelle: Absolutely. Thank you so much for sharing. I am thrilled to have been able to speak with you about this today. Can you let people know where they can connect with you?

Ella: Yep. I am on Instagram at Ella Worsley. That's W O R S L E Y. The enlightened co I've got some links across so they can be in the show notes as well.

My website is under [00:28:00] construction at the moment, but there's some places you can go and check me out. I'm also on Insight Timer. If you're into meditation I think I'm at Ella Worsley or Ella Elizabeth on there, but yeah, come and meditate with me. There's lots of beautiful meditations over there as well.

Chantelle: Oh, wonderful. I'm going to check those out. I am a huge fan of Insight Timer. So I'm glad that you mentioned that.

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