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31 Affirmations For The Business Owner You Want To Become

In Glennon Doyle’s book, Untamed, she tells a story about her and her wife imagining themselves on a dock at their home, enjoying cups of coffee, leaning on each other, with nowhere to be but together. Because they had “hundreds of miles and a million obstacles keeping us apart” they visualized. Told themselves the story over and over again. Counted on it and believed it, until it came true.

As Glennon goes on to say, “we imagined this life before it existed and then we each gave up everything for the one-in-a-million chance that we might be able to build it together. We did not fall into this world we have now, we made it.”

👆This is how affirmations work. Affirmations are written in present-tense starting with I am, because before they become real, we have to visualize, re-tell, imagine, and then make it.

We do not fall into a world where we are consistently confident business owners, we make it.

We do not fall into a world where BIWOC get equity and justice, we make it.

We do not fall into a world where our businesses make our hearts sing every month, we make it.

We do not fall into a world where women close the pay gap, we make it.

I invite you to imagine the world we want, so that we can make it real with our actions.

I am aware as I go about my day.

I make space for intention between thought and action.

I create intentions for my days to set myself up for success.

I know where I'm going and I know how to get there.

I know my present self and my higher self, and I choose wisely which to listen to.

I pause to think my thoughts and feel my feelings.

I discover more about myself every day.

I live and work from my values.

I am committed to improving my relationship with my self.

I trust that my highest self has my best business interests at heart.

I only launch what I truly love to offer.

I develop my skills continuously.

I build up other business owners in our community.

I make intentional plans that match up with my goals.

I generate income in ways that feel good.

I attract intentional people to surround myself with.

I expand my own point of view regularly.

I accelerate my clients' success.

I connect to the soul of my business.

I maximize my time and support my energy.

I am growing my business every day.

I am mindful of my words to myself and my words to others.

I transform myself into who i want to be with small steps every day.

I streamline my processes and systems to be more efficient.

I replace the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that are no longer working for me.

I make changes when needed without blaming or shaming myself.

I clarify my values regularly so I can be in alignment.

I inspire others to know better and do better.

For more affirmations, follow me on Instagram Stories (and in highlights!) for daily affirmations you can incorporate into your journaling routine.

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