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31 Affirmations for Intentional Business Owners

Every day on my Instagram Stories, I share an affirmation that can be used in journaling, manifesting, visioning, or meditating! The benefits of adding affirmations into your daily routine are huge - this is how you start creating less of what you don't want and more of what you do want. Follow @clearquartzcreative on Insta for more!

I show myself the same empathy I show others.

I feel my feelings and then allow them to pass gracefully.

I choose what’s healthy for me in this stage of business.

I envision where I want to go and then take action to get there.

I allow myself to feel confident and successful.

I set my own standard for success that I define, not what I see from others.

I run a successful business that I love.

I create real transformation for my clients.

I have the answers my ideal clients need.

I share my ideas and opinions freely and widely.

I access my magic and use it every day in my business.

I listen to what my intuition is telling me to do next.

I hold energetic space for my clients.

I share my hopes and dreams with the world.

I own my true power.

I connect with my essence and listen to my inner voice.

I allow myself to be whoever I feel called to be today.

I show up as the most light-filled version of myself today.

I know what I need better than anyone else.

I know who I want to help and why I want to help them.

I embrace the feelings I want to feel and I make space today to create those feelings.

I have the exact right number of Instagram followers for me, right now.

Just for today, I don’t need to buy anything to fix a problem the Internet wants me to think I have.

I have income goals that I am excited about.

I am clear on my ideal client and how I can be of service.

I set realistic goals for myself.

I promote myself with joy and confidence.

I believe I have potential.

I am open to believing in signs from the universe.

I invest what I can in mindset support.

I create the job I want for myself.

✨Which one is your favourite? DM me on Insta so I can support you!

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CQC Crystal - How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I’m a savvy strategist, well-intentioned web designer, and your business’ new best friend from the middle of Canada. 


I’m known for helping service-based business owners like you find the best way to make your business happen, by turning the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real business possibilities and plans using my unique framework.


I’m obsessed with making deep emotional connections, infusing self-awareness into business, and idea-implementing with you!

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is holding you back in biz?

Discover what’s holding you back in business *right now* and access the strategies and exercises that will help you bust through those mindset blocks.

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