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3 Ways to Get More Cohesive With Your Brand

I got a DM from a friend today who, upon seeing my IG Story about accidentally wearing my slippers outside for a walk, replied “Haha This is such a you thing to do hahahahaha.” I get told all the time that things are “so on brand” for me, and I usually respond with, “Well at least I’m predictable!” Now that I think of it, I ‘spose it makes sense that I became a brand designer!

The way I tend to show up in my day to day is how I tend to show up online, and my personality doesn’t seem to change much depending on who I’m with - like it or not, I’m consistent. Maybe that’s why when I’m guiding my clients through how to apply their new Brand Style Guides, I make sure to stress that consistency is key. Or, you know, because I see it working in my own brand and my previous clients’ brands…. cohesiveness is how our potential clients get to know who we are, decide whether or not they like us, and choose whether or not to trust us.

I hear all the time how stressful it is to be cohesive, and I know it’s on all of your minds, as this word shows up in about three quarters of my intake forms and questionnaires as a desired result. I hear you, and I have two pieces of good news for you:

✨The more cohesive you are, the fewer decisions you have to make. Cohesive branding means that you are always using the same photos, colours, fonts, graphics, and patterns, and that means you’ll save time every time you’re creating something new or signing up for something new in your biz.

✨Getting all matchy-matchy online is easy when you’re starting with intention.

⁣I recommend this meditative exercise before you begin thinking about consistency and cohesiveness and how you’ll create it for your business.

Meditate: Take a few deep breaths, lift up the corners of your mouth. Think about something you’ve accomplished recently in your business you’re proud of, and soak in those good vibes while you visualize the colours and aesthetics of your brand.⁣ Imagine yourself wearing clothes that feel great in your brand colours, and picture logging into your social profiles with matching highlights. Picture yourself showing up consistently and attracting your dream clients as a result. Actively visualize how you’ll feel when you work with your ideal clients.

Got those good vibes going and ready to get started? Here we go!

1. Start by choosing your favourite headshot or profile picture, then update it everywhere.

It’s important to check all the platforms you’re using to make sure that the photo matches. Need a few ideas? Coordinate your Pinterest, Dubsado, Tailwind, Square, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom photos, as well as any others you can think of.⁣ If you’re not sure where all you’ve used a profile image, take a look at your password keeper or through the apps on your phone.

2. Actually take the time to set up your brand style guide in every program you use.

Upload your fonts to Canva, save your custom colour palette in Pages, update your colour # codes for your Honeybook buttons, load your fonts into Google Docs, and change your link colours in your emails, to name a few! Keep your Brand Style Guide handy so that when you start using a new program, you can use your brand elements right from the get-go.

3. Check for alignment in your messaging.

Are your brand words up to date everywhere you write about your business? Check your business description on your Facebook page, Pinterest board descriptions, Instagram bio, and everywhere else you’re writing content for your brand.⁣ A brand voice guide can be very useful here!

When you start going through the list, let me know so I can cheer you on! Help me help you... what other questions do you have about consistency? Let me know here!


With good vibes and gratitude,


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