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Shift Winnipeg Squarespace Website

My client Amanda empowers her clients to realize their limitless possibilities in life. She is a registered social worker, hypnotherapist, coach, yoga, and meditation guide. We know each other from my first business in the yoga world and I attended her yoga and festival sessions. Her Squarespace website is refined, simple, and minimalistic which represents her brand and has some unique features like lovely fonts, quote overlays, and a simple, easy to fill custom-coded form.

Colour is an important element of brand identity - it can express emotions, feelings, and experiences. A well-designed logo communicates your mission to your clients about your brand. My client came in knowing her colour palette and although she had already created her own logo, it was only in jpg version with a white square around it. So, I redesigned the logo for website functionality so we could have a transparent background. As you scroll down the page, quote overlays with botanical elements symbolize Amanda's brand!

Connecting with your visitors with easy to read information and guiding them through a specific customer journey on your home page is important to attract potential clients. Amanda’s homepage is designed to guide visitors toward the I Am Ready button if they see themselves represented in the website words.

A call to action button guides your visitors where to go next on your website so on the homepage, Amanda encourages her clients to learn more about her with a call to action button - Learn More About Amanda. This leads her visitors to the next side by side section layout with information about her sessions, therapy practices and modalities informing her visitors about the process. Following is a call to action button that encourages visitors to book a session. As you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a button to book a live experiential event that links to an Eventbrite page so clients can effortlessly buy tickets to an event.

The Meet Amanda page’s easy navigation includes a section that provides information on the different ways she assists her clients and a message that is personalized encourages her clients to the call to action button – Get In Touch. It can be invaluable to your business to have a process where potential clients can easily get in touch with you so on Amanda's Connect page I designed a simple minimalist custom coded contact form with a bottom line field for her potential clients to seamlessly connect. Also at the bottom of the page is an Instagram section feature for visitors to follow and get inspired.

As a therapist, you aim to empower your clients during sessions - it may be important for you to empower your clients on your website as well. Let’s talk about how a website can help you connect with more clients - connect with me over on Instagram!

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CQC Crystal - How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I’m a savvy strategist, well-intentioned web designer, and your business’ new best friend from the middle of Canada. 


I’m known for helping service-based business owners like you find the best way to make your business happen, by turning the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real business possibilities and plans using my unique framework.


I’m obsessed with making deep emotional connections, infusing self-awareness into business, and idea-implementing with you!

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Discover what’s holding you back in business *right now* and access the strategies and exercises that will help you bust through those mindset blocks.

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