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Rebecca Watson Yoga Wix Website

Rebecca Watson is a Winnipeg-based yoga teacher and trainer. Before beginning the Expanded experience, Rebecca said she felt like this:

“I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time at my computer… I tried plugging it all into Wix and was spending too much time and had no idea how to navigate.”

After completing her brand we began her Wix website design - creating a thoughtful aesthetic to highlight her offerings and captivate her ideal clients. We endeavoured to make Rebecca’s website a safe space for yogis to come home to themselves. Continuing her moon motif throughout, we introduced her and her offerings on the homepage and added a spot to opt into her email list, so she can keep in touch with yogis and send out her new class offerings as they get created.

We spent most of our time designing a great mobile and desktop experience on her Offerings page - wanting to avoid pop-ups and complicated sign-up processes. Splitting up her weekly classes and pop-up events and workshops kept the site simple to navigate for her clients. Rebecca wants to have close contact with her clients, so her booking links with her email to be able to offer that personal touch.

When asked how she felt about her experience with Clear Quartz Creative, Rebecca shared this:

“I feel great about it - my experience was exceptional! SO happy to have my website live!! It happened so fast and I felt so heard and supported from you!! You are an organized, efficient and direct person - just what I needed.”

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CQC Crystal - How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I’m a savvy strategist, well-intentioned web designer, and your business’ new best friend from the middle of Canada. 


I’m known for helping service-based business owners like you find the best way to make your business happen, by turning the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real business possibilities and plans using my unique framework.


I’m obsessed with making deep emotional connections, infusing self-awareness into business, and idea-implementing with you!

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is holding you back in biz?

Discover what’s holding you back in business *right now* and access the strategies and exercises that will help you bust through those mindset blocks.

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