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Engaged Winnipeg Squarespace Website

Engaged Winnipeg is run by two entrepreneurs who are well-respected wedding planners who are dominating the wedding industry. Their Squarespace website is designed with a luxurious look that is both attractive and professional because aesthetics and trust are so important in the wedding industry!

Engaged Wpg educates and inspires their clients by connecting them with reputable vendors and offering the knowledge needed to plan their wedding with purpose. Instead of having their mission distract from the detail-filled photo headers, one of the ways we kept website visitors engaged throughout the site is a unique feature: a sub-header at the fold to draw the viewer's eye down the page and not distract from the quality photography on the website.

My clients’ main mission is to educate brides on the importance of working with professionals and to offer inspiration for wedding planning. To represent their unique brand, we’ve used golden greenery accents that increase the luxurious feel of the site. These graphic elements help tie in branding and give focus other than text and photos for the eyes to linger. Since wedding planning is all about the details, mirroring this in the site design is a way for my clients to build the know-like-trust factor.

At the core, Engaged Wpg’s business values are to offer a personalized connection and to provide quality services to their clients. To help their clients connect easily, I’ve designed a newsletter call to action section on the Home page that is distinctive in its ombre visual effect. Making a newsletter form eye-catching and elevated from the usual helps to draw attention, and again, show that their business cares about quality and personalization.

I recommend that signature services or events have an alternate logo all of their own. This unique sub-logo is key for luxury brands to convey “special-ness” and uniqueness. Ideally, this logo matches the brand aesthetic to a T and makes the event feel even more elevated. On the Inspiration page, the unique event logo design for Engaged - their signature event - is prominently displayed.

Most brides find themselves on Pinterest at some point or another - this platform is very important for the wedding industry because it offers brides a way to easily gather ideas. Our Squarespace web design has a Pinterest section leading to each of my clients’ wedding boards to help their brides to plan with purpose.

As entrepreneurs, we know that your customers need to repeatedly see your offers to be ready to buy. In fact, most need to see an offer 3 – 7 times before they commit to a purchase. An e-book is one of Engaged’s items to purchase - it is featured in three different places on the website to increase their customers’ exposure to this offer. There are call to actions for the e-book on the Home page, the announcement bar, and the Shop page. The Shop page is a brand-new page created to showcase each of Engaged’s offers in one place-the e-book, workshops, and wedding shows.

Weddings are all about visuals - and that extends to your website as well. To get a professional website that highlights your unique brand and creatively showcases your offers, we should work together! Check out Services to connect and book a free call.

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Let’s turn the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real possibilities and plans, by reflecting and taking action in your business together!

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