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Riel Finishings Wix Website

My client Rebecca is a fibre artist and weaving instructor who is truly passionate about weaving and finds it therapeutic. She uses a variety of textures for her tapestries and her favourite yarns are handspun, hand-dyed, and sourced from small shops around the world! Rebecca is also dedicated to using recycled and reclaimed fibre in her work. I love her work so much that I own two of her custom pieces! Rebecca’s Wix website has several unique features that are near and dear to my heart. My favorites are the attention-grabbing clever buttons, captivating time-lapse video, and noteworthy custom contact form.

Many sites that have been DIYed forget to include call to action buttons, but they are so important! Your website’s buttons guide your website visitor to click through the site, explore it fully, and potentially make a purchase if they like what they see. So, when creating a call to action button it is best to use action words that are striking, buttons with appealing colors, and copy that emphasizes your offer’s value proposition. On Rebecca’s website, clever buttons like see the good stuff, look at local pop-ups, and take the yarn for a spin engage curiosity and increase clicks so that her visitors take the expected flow through the site.

Videos on your website give your business increased visibility, widen your reach, and give your site an SEO boost! How? As visitors spend more time on your site viewing your engaging videos, this improves your search engine ranking hence attracting more people to view your site. On the About page, the embedded time-lapse video is a web visitor favourite - its purpose is to mesmerize, with behind-the-scenes content that is surprising for visitors since it’s different than most other sites. This highly engaging video encourages Becca’s potential customers to stick around longer and look for more elements of surprise throughout the site!

Rebecca draws her artistic inspiration from life experiences which is seen in her tapestries – it tells her story. A thoughtful brand story deserves a thoughtful feature - yarn: unspun’s semi-clear overlay adds depth and layers like her artwork on the About page.

Sometimes an afterthought in some website templates, the contact section is actually an important part of your website. A good contact form achieves its goal - to get filled out and submitted! For Rebecca’s website, I thought, why not design a contact form that shows her creativity and showcases her tapestries? So, on the About page is a contact form overlaid on top of an image. This makes the section distinctive instead of routine by adding personality, and a human touch to what has become a commonplace website element.

If you are a business that offers custom items, it is key to have a good request form that gathers sufficient information about your client's inquiries. Rebecca offers custom pieces on large-scale tapestries and needed a custom page for the requests. I designed a custom request page with a custom coded inquiry form that reduces back and forth communication with clients who want pieces designed just for them. For customers wanting smaller pieces, the direct menu link goes to Becca’s Etsy shop for a selection of ready-made pieces. Linking to Etsy instead of hosting e-commerce is the best of both worlds - there is no need to recreate a shop and worry about inventory in two places, and her website allows her to connect with more clients than in the limited space on Etsy.

When asked about her experience Rebecca shared:

“I really needed something that was affordable and somebody that would sort of take my vision for a website and run with it. One of the things that was most important to me was that my tapestries took center place in the website, and I kinda told Chantelle that I wanted something whimsical-playful-fun feeling and she took that and created an absolutely beautiful site. She basically took what was in my head and created a website for me and saved me a lot of time!”

As an artist, you aim to inspire through creating beautiful pieces that tell a unique story, it may be important to you to inspire your customers as well. Ask me how you can connect with more customers on a website, click Services to see if a Clear Quartz Creative web design is right for you.

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