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Realtor Dana Graham Landing Page Design

Winning the award for punniest Contact Form copy award >>>

“Have questions of your own?

Donut wait.”

This landing page for Realtor Dana Graham’s informative homebuyers event actually features 7 donut puns in total (though that one is my favourite!) that show her potential clients her vibe!

The goal of the landing page is to bring new viewers on a journey from unaware of Dana’s offer to opportunities to purchase the offer, by providing value, social proof, and essential information. On the page, clients are guided through the following:

1. Header/Introduction section: Announcing clearly who this is for (new homebuyers who are confused by all the information online) and what she is offering (an information session) and the transformation her clients will get (learning the steps to go from home-browsing to home-buying.)

2. Pain Points section: Here, we share stories that her clients will be nodding their heads to of how they are currently feeling without the solution that her offer provides, as well as a photo of Dana so they can connect with her as the solution.

3. Testimonial section: Sharing client success stories to illustrate benefits in a different way and showcase Dana as an expert in her field.

4. About section: Introducing Dana, sharing a few get-to-know you type details, and why she created this offer based on what she was seeing with her clients.

5. Ticket Purchase section: At this point in the page, viewers know enough about the offer and might be ready to purchase. We share specific details about the next event and include a link to buy.

6. FAQ section: Anticipating and answering client questions is an excellent way to build trust - it shows that Dana is already thinking what they’re thinking!

7. Testimonial section # 2: Another example of a happy client shows that Dana is an established business owner who gets results for her clients.

8. Contact Form: Enter the best donut pun ever. ;) Here we include a simple and easy contact form for website viewers to get in touch if they have questions that weren’t covered elsewhere in the copy or in the FAQ section.

9. Ticket Information section # 2: Finishing off the page, we’ve given them another opportunity to purchase, if reading the FAQs and testimonial has them feeling ready to take the next step.


The key is to make the landing page unique, and somewhat surprising so that ideal clients are encouraged to continue scrolling and engaging with the page!

Chantelle sitting in wicker chair holding clear balloons - Ideal Client


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