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Heed Communications Squarespace Website

Managing her role as the principal communications strategist at Heed Communications and as a sessional instructor at SAIT, Robin knew clearly what she wanted to communicate but not how to make her website technically and visually perfect. She wanted her website to showcase how she helps corporations with communication strategies, writing, working with the media, internal communication, external communication, stakeholder relations, outrage management, issues/crisis communication, PR, community investment and more. Her extensive expertise informed our stylish, professional website design style using Squarespace.

With corporate environments being so busy, often the people doing the hiring are pressed for time. We aimed to create a simple and strategic website design that showed Robin's target clients exactly who she was and how she could help. A bold yet simple font and colour scheme helps the focus stay on the message, which is stated with confidence. The Heed Communications Services webpage shows how my client Robin helps in four main areas, and has a subtle design element of line dividers between services so that everything stays readable.

Ideal customers for Heed Communications are corporate entities who want to take a different approach to solving business problems. Robin helps them by taking the time to listen, understand, and clearly identify the root of the problem or opportunity and provide meaningful solutions. Through our website copywriting, we made it clear who we were speaking to with sections like this one:

Evidently, it’s important for prospective clients to get in touch with Robin - that’s why we’ve placed prominent call-to-actions on the homepage and the about page to fill out the contact form. This form is visually clear and easy to use for clients, and it leads directly to Robin's email, making her life easier!

In need of an ultra-professional web presence to help you stand out in the public relations and corporate communications field? Let's chat!

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CQC Crystal - How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I’m a savvy strategist, well-intentioned web designer, and your business’ new best friend from the middle of Canada. 


I’m known for helping service-based business owners like you find the best way to make your business happen, by turning the pain of unfulfilled ideas into real business possibilities and plans using my unique framework.


I’m obsessed with making deep emotional connections, infusing self-awareness into business, and idea-implementing with you!

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is holding you back in biz?

Discover what’s holding you back in business *right now* and access the strategies and exercises that will help you bust through those mindset blocks.

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