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Melissa Alexander Squarespace Website

My client Melissa is a personal stylist and closet organizer who helps women to streamline their wardrobes, shop eco-consciously, and coach them on what needs to be reduced, recycled, and repurposed. Her Squarespace website is elegant, minimalist, and organic with some neat features like the use of rhyme in the headlines, a unique footer, and a magazine quiz-style About section.

A logo increases brand awareness of a website and helps your website visitors identify with your brand. Melissa’s logo design that is elegant and striking - it incorporates Melissa’s name with stylish clothing elements that represent her brand. Melissa is passionate about helping her clients feel comfortable with their closet and clothing choices. To demonstrate this passion, her headlines use rhyme to hold website viewers’ attention with the words organization and curation. This home page call to action helps her clients get to know her personality and encourages them to start their journey if they feel they are a match.

Colour is an important element of a brand identity because it evokes feelings, emotions, and experiences. The use of a neutral palette – tan, black, and white, with a splash of pink - represent the elegance of the Melissa Alexander brand. The use of two different types of fonts that are luxurious and feminine create a confident client experience.

Since Melissa has a few different services to serve her ideal clients, her website makes it clear right from the home page by featuring a unique services section with two call to action button that guide her clients to the types of services she offers when they first arrive on the page. This makes it simple for clients to self-identify based on their unique needs, and makes their website experience fast and easy.

For the website footer, we went for luxurious rather than basic. Although many sites only make space for an alternate logo, a few links, and a copyright line, Melissa’s website footer is a three-part footer design with a contact call to action button on a photo background, a social media section, and a skinny copyright section. Overall, the footer design communicates a homey, lived-in feeling by grounding the bottom of each page - perfect for a wardrobe consultant to express how her clients will feel in their closets!

On the Services page, Melissa connects with potential clients by sharing about her journey to becoming a personal stylist. One of my favourite features is the More About Melissa section that is a fun magazine quiz-style design where she gets personal about her wardrobe. The goal here is to remind her potential clients of the magazine quizzes they did as young women, when they would connect with their friends and get dressed together for events. Evoking memories and tactile experiences like this in website copy draws visitors into the world of the website and encourages an emotional connection to your products and services.

Also on the topic of copywriting, Melissa’s website uses alliteration in her brand positioning statement - aka the headline on the services page. “Craft your closet from a place of care, not consumerism” is ‘sticky’ in the sense that it is memorable and expressive - this lets her clients know from the start what kind of services and value they can look forward to. Another important aspect of Melissa’s brand is community experience through her new Closet Parties offer. This section on her Services page gives viewers a snapshot of what a closet party is, and how they can register for upcoming events by sending a quick email right from the link on the page.

One of the most important features of a website design is for clients to be able to easily connect and purchase services. This is often left off of DIY sites and can cost you a lot of sales! Melissa’s site gives her clients many opportunities to book and buy without being pushy, from the footer call-to-actions to the Contact page form to the booking request form. When potential clients can seamlessly connect, your website will convert more visitors into clients!

“Supreme ultimate shoutouts to Chantelle from @clearquartzcreative for not only building me the website of my dreams but also the encouragement and the push I needed to put myself out there in the world. There was a million things she did behind the scenes not limited to offering her home as a place to shoot and then modeling in said photos. Please do yourself a favor and give her a follow.” - Melissa

As a personal stylist who organizes your clients’ wardrobe it's important for you to have a well-organized website - let’s talk about how, click Services to see how I can help!

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