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This One Life Squarespace Design

My client Amber is a lifestyle blogger who is all about improving your health and well-being with essential oils. She found me on Instagram and we instantly bonded over the sparkle magic emoji!

Her stylish logo incorporates calligraphy that was hand done by a local calligrapher. We collaborated on the design and I added a eucalyptus element to the type that aligns Amber’s brand. The website typography is simple which helps the calligraphy to stand out.

One of my favourite elements on the site is Amber’s photography - she did specific shoots between the brand design and the website design and her photographer delivered amazing and inspiring images.

Her Squarespace website has a gorgeous minimalist design with some neat features – another one of my favourites is the beautiful photo collages featured throughout. Amber has the option to swap out photos as her brand grows because I’ve given her access to the collage templates inside Canva.

One of the neat features on the About page is the distinct blog graphics designed with circular elements - my design inspiration came from essential oil lids for this feature. This page also features a parallax background with eucalyptus leaves pattern forming a subtle backdrop.

To establish Amber’s brand voice and create a distinct way for her to talk to her customers, I began by interviewing her in a copy call. All Expanded clients have this interview time with me so that the copywriting is done-for-you without you having to do anything but talk to me about your brand.

Amber’s successful Etsy business is linked directly from the site so website visitors can seamlessly connect to the shop. Her focus on blogging inspired me to create a one-page layout that allows her visitors not only to remain on the page without having to be redirected to other pages, but also to conveniently choose any of the assortment of the blog posts to binge read!

Amber is passionate about inspiring her visitors with positive vibes, connecting with them about new shop additions, and exclusive discounts so every page features a newsletter sign-up section in the footer. A section with a personal note on the About page tells a story about her brand. It is common to see alternate logos on many websites in the footer section but for Amber’s website footer we designed a simple botanical element instead to help it stand out.

Custom work is an important part of Amber’s business - the shop page features a custom piece request form so her customers can see what options are available and so Amber knows exactly what custom piece a customer might want .It also provides an option to link to her Etsy shop and embroidery business.

Let’s talk about Amber’s contact page…on most websites the contact section is underutilized – here I’ve chosen to reflect Amber’s brand voice because she wants to inspire, empower, and connect with her website visitors, we added more information and used a simple contact form.

I enjoyed working with Amber’s “sparkle emoji” energy!

Squarespace is an excellent platform for lifestyle bloggers wanting to inspire, connect and grow their audience.

If you are looking to grow, let’s chat on Instagram!

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