Little Nursing Co Squarespace Web Design

Mychelle and Melissa from Little Nursing Co got in touch with me in December, and my first thought was”oooooo lactation consultants! That’d be a fun website to build!” And it was! Appealing to the modern mom in Edmonton, Alberta, this new business helps moms and babies learn to breastfeed with ease.


An adorable pattern acts as the background for a section of the homepage that connects with Mychelle and Melissa's target clients and explains their mission and how they help while communicating in their playful brand voice.

At the bottom of each page, we've included a saying that shows Little Nursing Co's clients exactly how friendly these lactation consultants are! Showing humour helps them establish a connection with their target clients, and provides a cohesive element across all pages of their website. This leads to a very informative footer with all the relevant links, so that website visitors need not go back up to the top to access the menu, making the site more user-friendly.

Most importantly, it is easy for visitors to browse the various breastfeeding support services and take action to book their appointment. The Services page features buttons leading directly to Little Nursing Co's booking calendar, and we've included a link in the menu that integrates directly to their JaneApp service. It was a priority to ensure that their sleep-deprived future clients could easily find what they were looking for and take the next step to book an appointment.

Using the Squarespace Brine template, we also included a blog page that features informative posts and guest profiles. The About page introduces all the members of their team, and we've included Resources as well. It was wonderful to create with such lovely clients, and we were so excited to give birth ;) to this new brand and website!