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Purely Healthy Squarespace Website

At Purely Healthy, Brooklynn helps her clients reduce toxins in their home, body, and minds. Brooklynn is an integrative health coach and certified holistic nutritional consultant who focuses on your nutritional needs, lifestyle habits, and exposes toxins to create a thriving healthy environment. Her Squarespace website has some neat features like a quick chat feature, fun graphic elements, and a unique testimonial slider.

If client connections are a focus for you as a business owner, using a chat feature is a great strategy as it helps you to answer inquiries, create brand awareness, offer support, help with purchases and build customer relationships. So, on Brooklynn’s website, we’ve coded in a Facebook messenger plug-in that helps visitors chat with her directly from their Facebook accounts. Convenient, easy, and it even has a stylish graphic!

As you know, branding is important because it creates a memorable impression for website visitors and allows your customers to know the vibe and tone of what to expect when working with you. Also, it helps your customers decide for themselves if they identify with your products and services. Brooklynn had existing branding that I incorporated - the lemon elements and hand-drawn polka dots throughout the site add personality, don’t you think?

Sharing clients’ positive experiences and feedback is so helpful as a new business owner. Finding ways to show testimonials on your website not only builds trust but also creates referrals for your business. Brooklynn’s website visitors can choose how they want to view testimonials in a clever testimonial slider that was coded in - hands-on features like this increase web visitors’ focus and engagement in the website experience - almost like they’ve entered a world of your creation!

Brooklynn’s business fits into a niche market. With many conditions that benefit from reducing toxins, it’s important to educate her audience before providing solutions with her methodology. On the Services landing page is a section introducing her methodology and conditions followed by a Services section providing solutions – two ways to work with her with call to action buttons. An educated client is more likely to picture themselves needing the solution presented, and a section like this one helps them to gain a view of the bigger picture.

As a holistic nutritionist, Brooklynn aims to educate her clients with useful information that helps them understand what she does and encourages them to use her services if they are a good fit. On the Resources page, the statistics section’s unique layout encourages visitors to browse and read a section that usually gets glanced over. This page also features affiliate links that show which brands Brooklynn trusts: if clients click through, it will create affiliate income for her with no extra effort on her part.

I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of give, give, give, give, purchase in business: offering free educational information helps your clients on the first steps of their journey before using your services or products. Freebies add value and encourage potential clients to have positive feelings about your brand. I created a freebie section for her PDF downloads that are freely available, no email address required giving her clients the opportunity to check out her knowledge risk-free.

Another neat feature on Brooklynn’s website is a newsletter sign up section in the footer section - so it appears on every page. This repetition of viewing an element can increase the odds of it actually being completed as visitors browse through her site.

Brooklynn’s feedback on how she felt about the new website:

“I was struggling with my customer process and content creation! I feel organized, less stressed, and focused. I have everything in place and I’m ready to focus on what I love, helping others with the services I offer.”

You’re a dedicated nutritionist who is dedicated to helping others. When you hand off your web design project, you can focus your attention on what you’re best at without stressing about customer process and layouts! Let’s talk about how- click Services to see how I can help!

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