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Hustle + Charm Squarespace Website

Hustle + Charm is more than a networking group. Based on friendship, this group of local female entrepreneurs focuses on building bonds among women within their community who are trying to build their business. Charmaine Jennings, founder and community leader of Hustle + Charm, needed a colourful and growth-focused brand and website to showcase a growing, inviting, and evolving community. 

In fact, our goals and missions are similar, which is part of why we worked so well together!

"You understand the budget constraints of small business owners and truly want to help the entrepreneurial community succeed." - Charmaine

With carefully-selected bright and light colours, Hustle + Charm’s brand image sets the tone for the exciting gatherings that members experience as part of the group. The colour vibe feels reminiscent of 60s girl groups and pre-teen slumber parties, which is exactly the type of event that their ideal clients will experience when they join.

Modern, fun, and quirky fonts reflect the voice of the leader of H+C, Charmaine Jennings. Always smiling and high-energy, the fonts on the site read like she talks. Visitors to the site can instantly imagine how they are going to be included and engaged at events.

In this Squarespace website, every design choice intentionally invites members to join the camaraderie of women involved in networking events and social gatherings. Sections with quotes to introduce the mood feature cute cocktail graphics that feel somehow retro and modern at the same time!

During the Expanded experience, Charmaine and I communicated about design features that would engage potential customers and reflect her bright and bubbly personality. Her passion is in bringing diverse people together, not necessarily knowing what visuals can accomplish that. Here are her thoughts on our collaboration:

"I appreciated the fact you were willing to make changes and edits to things, even during times when I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted. You also presented me with a variety of options tailored to different aspects of what I was looking for." - Charmaine

This membership community is based on monthly memberships, so naturally the site is designed around encouraging new members to join. They have opportunities to do so on the Home page, About, Join Us, and Contact.

The unique call-to-actions are so much fun - no "click here" or "learn more" on this site! My favourite buttons on this site are...

Wanna be our friend?

That's my jam!

I want in!


Join the Club!

In addition to signing up new members, it was also important for the website to be a hub for current members. The Event tab shows all upcoming local events that members can attend and enjoy. Using custom CSS code on Squarespace, we've made the calendar space just as colourful as the rest of the site. Also, women in the community can access the members' portal with special resources, downloads, and perks. This section was built using Squarespace's Cover Pages with a password-protected site linked behind it.

The Hustle + Charm community has many devoted members - the way they describe their experience inside the group speaks volumes! Throughout this Squarespace site, we've used testimonials to assist our storytelling. Each page features 1-2 real business owners who truly enjoy the H+C community, rather than having a separate testimonials page that visitors are likely to skip or skim through. These client stories are vivid and persuasive, helping potential dream clients see the value in purchasing a membership.

“The day the website launched I signed up 5 new community members and earned almost 1k in less than 24 hours! The site is fun and inviting which reflects everything I want this community to be about.” - Charmaine

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