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Emily is a fitness instructor extraordinaire who built Fifty 5 Fitness out of a desire to keep her parents moving and healthy - and then grew to a thriving group class and personal training service. Emily's site helps women register for classes with ease, see what in-home personal training is all about, and meet the members of the Fifty 5 Fitness team.
The site launched just in time for their summer session registration - this time with online booking!
Customers appreciate small conveniences like online registration, and they free up your time as a business owner to do the thing you do! Emily is able to teach more in-home personal training and group classes now that registration is taken care of.
The success of Fifty 5 Fitness depends on Emily getting face to face time with her 55+ ladies so that she can teach custom workouts and proper form.
Emily asked me to build her a site that was welcoming to new clients - just like her classes! It was important to make the site accessible to the 55+ clientele and so I designed the site with this in mind - I used larger fonts, wider buttons, and wider images to make the site user-friendly and visually appealing. The use of bright colours also helps to showcase the energetic quality of Emily and her team.


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