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Voth Family Therapy Visual Branding

How Jodie felt before starting working with Clear Quartz Creative:

“It was time to make my business look as grown-up as she is. After eight years of DIY branding, I was tired of wringing my hands over what things should look like, and looking forward to not doing that anymore.”

How Jodie felt after the Amplify branding experience:

“I have a beautiful, unified brand image with everything I need to keep creating on-brand visuals! The branding guide is like an instruction sheet for anything visual -- so helpful!”

The resulting brand is comforting and real, just like Jodie’s Family Therapy practice! On the intention-setting call with Jodie, I heard her talk about the values of her practice and how she was feeling drawn to nature-inspired elements - but not the ubiquitous prairie grasses featured in many local brands. Her brand story about her therapy methodology led me to envision branding centered around the visual of tree rings to represent her clients’ growth and evolution. Her moodboard and questionnaire confirmed that this was the right direction!

When the design process began, we used the visual inspiration of photos of her office to define the brand colour scheme. It was important to Jodie that we choose colours that evoke calm and aren't going to look dated in a few years, but also are unique in a sea of bland therapy branding. Through the design process, we came to a calm and cool palette with a pop of coral to represent warmth and courage.

On our discovery call, Jodie mentioned that she had been stuck around fonts for the time she had had the business, using a variety of fonts that she liked but didn’t have a particular connection to. (Actually, I think her notes on font inspiration in the questionnaire were “no idea!”) Since therapy provides Jodie’s clients with stability as well as the freedom to grow and evolve, we chose a strong serif with a few curved elements to showcase that balance.

After going back and forth with small layout tweaks, the final main logo makes a definite impact. The business name for this brand can sometimes be misunderstood as *Voth Family* Therapy, as in, the Voth Family owns the therapy practice. In fact, the correct grouping and meaning is *Voth* Family Therapy, as in, Jodie Voth owns this Family Therapy practice - a separate but distin

ct type of therapy designation. In light of this, everything in the brand was designed to clarify potential confusion. You’ll see that we’ve grouped the words in the correct way to offset potential confusion in the main logo as well as the alternates.

You’ll be more likely to book your ideal clients if each element of branding is cohesive and is part of telling your brand story. Business cards for therapists fulfill two purposes: to communicate contact information, and also act as appointment cards for clients’ next visits. In this brand, we used the tree ring element to bring cohesiveness from front to back in the business card design.

Each element of this brand is engaging and warm to reflect both the type of business and the unique values of this practice. This look and feel is difficult to achieve when trying to DIY branding for as long as Jodie did (8 years!) and rarely provides the kind of elevated experience for your clients that you’re dreaming of.

Have you been DIYing your brand and looking to level up? Send me a message and let’s talk!

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