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$50 CAD

Go from ‘I haven’t organized my recent testimonials’ to sharing them all over social and wanting to recite your best reviews to yourself in the mirror!


The Simple Social Proof issue of Facet tackles every entrepreneur's awkwardness around asking for reviews, the bragging block that keeps you from sharing testimonials, and the inconsistencies of your current social proof processes, all in one beautifully designed, coffee table-worthy package.

Facet responds to your anxieties around social proof, builds up your skills, and taps into the aesthetics in your brain to create a growth experience that just feels more special than clicking login for the millionth time.

(equivalent to approx. $36 USD)


Facet feels highly valuable!

I really enjoy the look and feel, and I'm excited to flip through the pages. It's easy to start and stop when I have time in between meetings.

I enjoy completing the activities on each page. They aren't too intensive, but do help me imagine how I can implement each topic into my business. I feel very well versed in Social Proof after reading that issue of Facet and I was able to implement a couple of things I had been putting off.



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