Rebecca Watson Yoga Brand

Alignment is key in yoga, and Rebecca had been teaching yoga for a while without having a defined brand identity, which was starting to feel out of alignment! She got in touch with me to help her connect with her ideal clients, who she helps to shift their energy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We began our Amplify experience by diving into how she wanted the brand to feel and what it should express to the yogis she creates space for. Starting with the values of connection + acceptance + confidence, the intentional design of her yoga teacher visual brand flowed from there.

Inspired by nature, as Rebecca loves practicing and teaching outside, we selected a bold, soulful colour palette consisting of colours evoking the sea, leaves, grass, and sunshine. As flow is important to Beck, we searched for a rounder, less angular serif font, and a leaning script with forward motion like a wave.

One of Rebecca’s signature offerings is a lunar flow yoga class, and so we were attracted to the shape of a crescent moon for her logo. It turned out lovely on its own as a submark, and complements the shape of her business name in the logo perfectly. From this initial moon design, we added graphics of the lunar cycle and patterns featuring the outline of the moon to create a well-rounded and versatile brand.

Over the course of a few weeks, the Rebecca Watson Yoga brand was designed to be visually appealing while standing in integrity and alignment. Her modern moon-inspired visual brand connects to and soothes the open hearts of her aligned clients.

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