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Exhale Pilates Squarespace Design

Exhale Pilates is a unique and intentional Pilates experience focusing on holistic wellness. I worked with Val before on two other projects. Her holistic approach to intuitive business aligns with me, so it was a no-brainer to work on an exciting third project together.

Exhale Pilates needed a website that complements their newly renovated studio space and that reflects one of their business’ core values: connection.

“We had THREE projects together!! It’s the best! Our clients and our team are so thankful.” - Val

On the Squarespace platform, I designed a custom navigation background for both desktop and mobile. I used custom code to insert an image instead of the usual simple colour background, which elevates the design of the header. The new design makes it easy to navigate allowing clients to explore what their business has to offer.

A unique side by side banner layout makes the site more distinctive from the typical full-width photo banner above the fold. To create a connection to the studio, I added a watercolour background that matches the studio’s wallpaper in a few places across the site. This feature helps tie it all together because the website evokes the studio and the studio evokes the website - which helps with brand recognition and cohesiveness.

It’s helpful for small business owners to have a pricing section that is simple that their clients can easily follow. I added a custom-coded three-column pricing section so that their clients can easily compare the pilates offerings and see what’s included in each of the passes and bundles. This pricing section is well-organized, on-brand, and inspires their prospective clients to take action.

Scheduling is an integral part of any business that offers services by appointment. Val wanted to be mindful of her clients' time and to support their lifestyle goals. To do that we integrated MindBody, a popular scheduler. Clients are able to book into the classes they want and see what’s coming up next on the Exhale Pilates schedule directly on the site in a time-efficient scheduling experience.

True to the Exhale name, Val and her team were relaxed and chill to work with, which made it easy to design the different features on the Exhale Pilates website and launch the project on-time! Since they received the images from their photographer a few days after our design window had ended, they were empowered to upload the photos themselves with Squarespace’s easy-to-use editor.

When asked how she felt about the new website, Val shared:

“Chantelle helped us bring our Pilates studio to life with our new website! Her workspace system was well-organized and easy to use, we loved working with her. I recommend Chantelle/Clear Quartz Creative for seamless and stunning web design work!”- Val

Are you looking to make your offerings easy for your clients to see online?

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