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My secret weapon for knowing what to say, what to write, and what to type in your day-to-day in business - revealed. 


You've got to somehow figure out how to write a welcome email sequence, type out descriptions for your services, and compose well-meaning emails to your clients. But you're spending all your time back-spacing because you don't have the basics of your voice figured out.

It could be a lot easier than you've been making it.

This issue of Facet helps you deeply understand how to create copy, content, and communication (the three types of writing you'll encounter as an entrepreneur), guides you through mindset hurdles around "not being a good writer", and helps you build a fill-in-the-blank brand voice that's all yours - all within a tactile, handheld experience that makes learning feel solid, steady, and special.

$50 CAD

(equivalent to approx. $36 USD)


Facet is jam packed with practical tips, interactive exercises and a-ha moments.


I sat down to read Facet with a cup of tea and a knitting project, but quickly pivoted to reading it with some pens and sticky notes. I didn't realize I would learn so much!


As someone who's "Zoomed out" and never wants to invest in another online course again, this is such a refreshing way to learn. Give me everything I need to learn about succeeding in business in a magazine format - I honestly can't subscribe quickly enough!



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