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Pull an affirmation card at the beginning of a new day, week, or month to help you set an intention.


Draw an affirmation card when you need a moment to reset, after meditating, or before journaling.


Have your intuition select an affirmation card to kick off your workday with positive energy.

Make your affirmation card your phone background to remind you to keep at it even when things aren't going the way you want.

Really, the possibilities are endless.


Written by me, the affirmations capture the wisdom I’ve gained in the last three years as an entrepreneur/web designer/business mentor. I hope you’ll love them and use them as I did to build your intentional business.


Note: Each affirmation card is designed to work as a minimalist phone background. That’s why you’ll see so much space at the top! If you don’t see any words, scroll down a bit. Feel free to save the affirmation to your phone to use as a background or post to your social media, or otherwise use any way you feel called to!

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