23 Heart-Centered Business Affirmations

As many of us make value statements and changes to the way we run our businesses in our current political and emotional climate, affirmations are more important than ever. Repeating affirmations as mantras can reinforce new ideas in your mind and help the new mindsets become even easier to adopt. Choose your favourite heart-centered affirmations and add them into your to-do list - even a few minutes of copying down the ones that really speak to you can help you to connect to them on your heart level.

  1. I choose to run my business heart-centered.

  2. I am loving, respectful and kind.

  3. I am listening before I speak.

  4. I am acting from integrity.

  5. I am leading by example.

  6. I am creating with an open and loving heart.

  7. I know better, and I do better.

  8. I am committed to helping + being of service.

  9. I know and I act my values.

  10. I am certain that I am deserving.

  11. I am open-minded.

  12. I am committed to doing the work.

  13. I am ready for today and every day.

  14. Everything I will ever need is within me.

  15. I am love.

  16. I believe in my vision.

  17. I uplift those around me.

  18. I am grateful for what I have drawn towards me.

  19. I hold space for others.

  20. I create the change I want to see.

  21. I grow my positive habits every day.

  22. I know that I am worthy.

  23. I rise by lifting up others.

Would you like to see more affirmations? I've got a plan for that! Every day on IG Stories, I post an intentional business affirmation of the day. Follow along to see!